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Dominos Pizza - Dominos ripoff delivery charge

Company Dominos Pizza
Product / Service Pizza Delivery
Location St. Louis, Missouri
Category Food Delivery
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Monetary Loss

If Domino's lawyers make them post a big statement about how the delivery drivers don't get any of the delivery fee they charge then why do they charge a delivery charge.We are paying for overhead.

It would be like going into a sit down restaurant and they charge you money to bring the food to the table. Ripoff I say. Who gets the money? Apparently not the drivers.

I'm sure they have some story about how this is to pay for the insurance on the drivers or some such garbage but it's just an extra fee.

I'd rather they just raise the prices and include the delivery.Remember 30 minutes or it's free days from Domino's. 3013cbb

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Mar 24 
just saying I remove 2 dollars from the tip because I can't afford to pay 8 dollars for a sandwhich then 5 dollars for a tip and 2 dollars delivery fee and then 1 dollar on tax. My point no delivery fee driver gets five dollars from me, delivery fee of 2 dollars driver gets 3 dollar tip from me and so on. I reserve 5 for a tip, no more, so drivers loosing out cause delivery fee.
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Mar 04 
The dominos drivers alwats got a small reimbursement for the gas they used which just barely covered thier actual gas useage and none of the repairs on thier cars. Then when oil prices went up and the cost of gas tripled or more, the domoinos owners decided that they would charge a delivery charge to totally offset any gas reimbursement they made to the drivers plus to cover thier costs of doing business. Actually the implementation of a delivery charge has greatly cut into the drivers tipsby at least a third toi a half of what they used to average, meanwhile the owners p[ocket the delivery charge as increased profits, as the cost of food and operating expenses have increased greatly yet the prices have not even come close to keeping pace with this increased cost.
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Jun 08, 2013  from Duncan, Oklahoma
I've been driving for dominos for almost 3 years now. the delivery charge we used to get 1.25 for each one to go for gas, now if we take more than 1 delivery at a time the second or so we will only get .5o cents. the delivery charge use to be 2.00 but now it 2.75 and we get less. I don't know who gets the money but the drivers are screwed because with the prices going up and the delivery money going down. as a driver we are sure of is that the company doesn't care about the little guys on the frontline. :(
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Apr 21, 2013 
We are not given the delivery fee, we are paid for the mileage we drove during our shift and it is no where near the amount customers are charged for the delivery fee. Also when we leave out for a delivery we check the order out and our hourly wage is reduced. Which is why we rely on a tip but most customers don't tip because they think we get the full amount of the delivery charge and that is NOT the case..wish it were we wouldn't have to hope we are tipped by the customer. Drivers pay for car insurance (more for delivery) the wear on our vehicle and gas. All the business gives us is a lower hourly wage for delivery, so much per mile driven and tips from credit card transactions.
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Apr 21, 2013 
To be clear, all major pizza places do this. Not just Domino's, but Papa John's, and Pizza Hut too. Also, depending on your state/town...these charges vary in price.
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Feb 25, 2013 
I am a driver from Domino's - the delivery charge is for gas money. We get paid below minimum wage (about $5.50) per hour - the tip is to make up the difference, not including the gas money for the charge. It is like when you go out to eat and tip the waitress. Waitresses also make below minimum wage.
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Mar 22, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
I disagree with this because dominos has already published a written disclaimer noting that the drivers do not see any of the delivery charge. That's what we're debating here - the delivery charge - not the tip paid out to the driver.
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Jan 03 
It says on the pizza box. The delivery charge is not a tip TIP paid to your driver. TIP. never once does it say we don't get the money. The charge is two dollars and the amount we get is 1.50 for the extra miles and wear and tear we put on our cars.
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Jan 03  from Newark, New Jersey
Thanks for the info you'll be getting less of a tip from me now that I know you get some of the "delivery charge"

Mar 23, 2013  from Houston, Texas
Thanks for the information.
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Dec 26, 2012 
I currenlty working as a driver for Domino's pizza. Owner has 32 Domino's stores in Seattle area. He is very cheap. When I was working for Corporate I was getting paid $1.20 per order I deliver, as soon he took over he brought it down to 75 cents per order. He charges $3.50 delivery fee and we don't get any of it. We pay for our own insurance, gas and everything. They want us to deliver in snow, and when we say who is going to fix my car if I end up in accident? No answer.
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Dec 20, 2012  from Tampa, Florida
whats the fuss on the charge you are getting the convienence of ordering from home to be brought to you not having to leave your warm home ,waste gas get cold excetra. and a dollar ten of the charge goes to drivers as a gas/ware and tare on their vehicles. any tip thats given is for the drivers prompt and good service if they bring you cheese and peppers even if you didnt ask. they arent suppost to bring cheese if not asked. helpful on the new pizzas. thats what a tip is for good service
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Jan 03  from Newark, New Jersey
If the "delivery charge" goes to the driver, then *** off on a tip. You get your hourly wage and the "delivery charge". A waiter or waitress does not get a "delivery charge" to come to the table.
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Nov 27, 2012 
It's a shame they have this charge, I take it off the amount I would have tipped, so the driver only ends up with $1. If they are going to charge for delivery they should allow a percentage to go to the driver. Some companies are just so greedy.
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Nov 01, 2012 
when you call in the order just let them know you have a coupon, what deal it'd for and they will let you know to just had it with the money to the deriveler. now personally, i dont eat from domino's but if they giving you grief when you order ask to speak to a manager i bet they straighten right up then.
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Sep 04, 2012 
I think Domino's pizza is one of the worst tasting out there. I always tip the driver regardless of any fees. I was a driver in college and pocketed 30-60 bucks in cash tax free every night on top of the minimum wage + .50 cents per pie we delivered with our own car, gas and insurance. Of course that was a couple decades ago.
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Jun 29, 2012 
my husband works for dominos delivering. He does get the delivery fee of $2.00 that they charge. It is due to the fact that the drivers make less then minimum wage, and they must clock out while making a delivery, and ALOT of people do not tip. I'd say that is fair for the driver. So paying 2.00 to have someone bring your food to you, is a pretty good deal considering it would cost you more to tip a waitress if you went out. Drivers get shot at, mugged and they do all the grunt work, so have a little respect for them, and be thankful that their job exists. where is the love in this world?
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Jun 24, 2012 
That's. Funnt I orderd dominoes and told the guy to take two buck for him self ( the dominoed was a few short blocks away) he said it was included. I guess at my local dominoes the charge does go to the driver!biker
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May 21, 2012 
Dominos pizza went downhill quick when bain capital bought company. They have to please shareholders and those delivery fees are needed to secure golf and country club membership fees.

Also, the executives at dominos have huge salaries and stock options and well they don't worry about drivers who don't even have benefits and feel drivers are replaceable. Dominos GREED.
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Sep 29, 2011 
Am a current Domino's Driver. We have a $1.50 delivery fee. Drivers DO NOT recieve any of this. We were always given a certain price for each run. When gas skyrocketed a while back my store went from .95 a run to $1.17 at the highest point.

Folks, remember that the drivers pay for all the gas, upkeep and insurance on their own vehicles. Despite what the manager upthread said the store covers none of that.

Now not only is Domino's doing a delivery charge but my store stopped paying minimum wage and expects you to use part of the tips that may or may not pay for wear and tear on your vehicle and gas.

Domino's Pizza is a horrible, greedy organization. They steal openly from their drivers and their costumers and really do not care what either one of us thinks about it. With the down economy I have been looking to move on but it is hard.

Don't be mistaken though. This delivery charge is theft plain and simple. Not only does it charge the costumer for something the drivers supply out of their own pocket but it steals from those very drivers as less people want delivery and more people decide not to tip anymore.

This job is very dangerous, stressful and the delivery charge has decimated our earnings potential.

Just trying to put the truth out there.
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