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Dominos Pizza - Order pizza, wings and sub got wrong pizza and pizza look horrible and had hair on it but now they won't answer because it to close to close.

  • by   Dec 04, 2013
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Company Dominos Pizza
Product / Service Pan Double Sausage
Location Fargo, North Dakota
Category Snack Bars and Fast Food, Bars
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I order a pan double sausage, buffalo sub and wings.To start of sub was good.

Wings were about the size of pennies and they have me the wrong pizza. They gave me a pepperoni pizza that looked like it got thrown on the ground and kick as well as had blonde 2 in hairs all over it. The worst part is now that I got my pizza they won't answer the phone because it 10 min to close. It's just sad, really take some pride in your work.

I under stand it sucks to have to stay after work when u close at one but u work in the food industry it happens everyday and when I order almost an hr before you close my food should not be disrespected like that.

Definenty going to start order food else were used to order all the time but this is a big eye opener.

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Dec 04, 2013  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Actually the reason they didn't answer the phone is more than likely because they were busy. Most restaurants don't answer the phone when they have a rush of customers. Now being you think you are so smart, correct your spelling. There isn't any word spelled "u." If you are going to abbreviate the word "hour" there should be a period after it. How was your food disrespected? "Definitely" is spelled wrong, you should have used "ordering" instead of "order." You also aren't going to be ordering "else were," you might be ordering "else where." That should be the end of a sentence with a period at the end. Then you should start a new sentence with "I." I would also be interested in hearing how you thing two inch long blonde hairs got on your pizza.
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