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On March 11, 2016, at 7:57 AM CST, I was sent an email telling me that my Domino's Pizza Profile had been successfully updated (even though I did not update it). Someone hacked into my account and changed my email address to "odysseyjc@gmail.com." I don't know anyone by that email.

** Here is issue number one: If someone knows or guesses your password, they can log into your account and change your email without any type of verification. This is a HUGE security issue! It should not be that easy to change your account email.

I tried to log into my account with my current password and using this new email and, of course, they changed my password as well; I wasn't able to log in.

I called Domino's customer service number (provided in the email) and reported the issue. I had to give all types of personal information (oh, NOW they try to care about security). They said that I would receive a notification once the issue was resolved, letting me know that my account had been fixed.

I can't remember if they said my account would be reset or closed but either way, here I am 12 days later, and I still have not been notified; the issue still remains.

** Here is issue number two: I have personal information on my account (address, phone number) as well as three credit cards attached to the account. That is enough for someone to do some real damage! Yet they could care less about that and are taking their sweet time to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, I've been contacting them and sending out warning messages to other customers on Twitter. Twice, I've received the same, generic copy and pasted response from them in a tweet. They can't even give me a personal response to such a serious issue?

Three times, they've told me to contact them via a form on their website and they attach this link: http://bit.ly/dpz_cares. How ironic that it ends with "dpz_cares" because obviously, dpz does NOT care.

** Here is issue number three: The first time, I did fill out the "Contact Us" form (via that bit.ly link) (that was on March 11, as well). However, I have NOT received a response to THAT inquiry either. All I received was a generic "Thank you for contacting the Domino's Pizza Customer Care Team. We have received your additional comments and have reported them to the appropriate person." This was at 8:47 AM CST on March 11.

I replied to the auto-response email received on the 11th and received another auto-response on March 12, 2016, 5:29 PM CST, "Thank you for contacting us at our World Resource Center. As one of our valued customers, your concern is extremely important to us. I have reported your comments to the appropriate department for review and I am requesting that you are followed up with as quickly as possible."

Apparently, they're very confused regarding the meaning of "as quickly as possible."

What does it take to get a response or to get help from this company? Their customer service is a joke. Their website security is a joke. Their social media managers are a joke.

To top it ALL off, I had a free pizza on my account (probably why it was hacked in the first place) and I'm sure that is gone and will not be given back to me.

I've also searched for others on Twitter who may have had a similar issue with a hacked account and indeed, I found MANY others with the same issue. Some people said it took weeks to get help with their hacked account and others never got help at all.

You, Domino's, should no longer be in business!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: I want my account either restored or deleted AND I want my free pizza that I am owed..

I didn't like: Customer service, Unsecure website, Generic responses.

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This happened to me 2/26/2018


#3184160Type your message here

to Anonymous #1432457

Last time I ordered from there cheese was stuck to top of box I called and the manager was a *** and would not replace it for me

Ogden, Utah, United States #1242715

My account was hacked and my free pizza from previous orders points were used. I live in Utah and the pizza was ordered out of a store in Flint, MI delivered to an address in Burton, MI. I contacted corporate and im planning on contacting the Burton and Flint PD regarding the fraudulent use of my account.


Same thing happened to me yesterday. Received an order confirmation in San Antonio.

Being in San Francisco, I called the store. They found it comedic that someone hacked my account to use my free pizza! But they cancelled it.

I have their contact number from the email and plan to harass them for a while. End of day I lost my free pizza and don't expect dominos to do a *** thing.

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