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On Friday, 9/12/2014, I order a Philly Cheese Steak pizza from the Brooklyn Park, MN, Dominos. It was delivered and I tipped the driver. Then we opened the pizza; the crust was burnt black. I called the store and informed them; they asked if I wanted another one delivered or a free pizza coupon good for any pizza. I told them we already waited more than 30 minutes and my guests were hungry, so send a coupon.

Today in 9/21/2014 and still no coupon for a free pizza; I did get a coupon yesterday for any pizza for $9.99. Not exactly free!

"Our Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your Domino's Pizza experience, we will make it right or refund your money." Bull!

Review about: Dominos Pizza Coupon.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Wilsonville, Oregon, United States #1302493

Same...except I've been waiting a month. Never ordering Dominos again!

Binghamton, New York, United States #1202147

This happens on rare occasions because the pizzas come out on a conveyor belt and if they get backed up in the oven because of pizzas in front not having been boxed, this is what happens. I like crispy, yummy crust so I would be delighted with it.

Undercooked is worse than overcooked in my opinion.

All pizza places with a conveyor systems should have an extended parking area so backed up pizzas do not burn. I'm sure this doesn't happen too often but when it gets busy, it really gets busy.


If it is anything like the one I work at, they put it in the computer so when you call again, from the same number you complained from, they will see that you have a free pizza waiting for you. Just call back and ask, tell them what happened and they should make it right.

to tfm #915925


I've been in the business for years. They will send your money back that night if you paid in cash..., or they offer you your next order free. Lets see..., I can get my $14 back tonight..., or I can get a $25 order for free next Friday?


OMG that looks sooo good - i'm about to call Dominos!

New Jersey, United States #875319

You ordered a "Philly Cheesesteak" pizza in Minnesota. You deserve to get effed.


That pizza looks yummy to me!


Domino's keeps track of the free pizza in their system. The next time you call to order, you only need to mention that there should be a free pizza (tied to your phone number) on your account.


Contact me at JohnCWillV@msn.com as I can resolve this. Thanks

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #903213


Thank you for listening, I'm faced with losing my job at papa johns because of a dispute with a co-worker.. I'm wondering if there is any way I can resolve this or if papa johns is just not the place for me.

The company as a whole has left a stressful imprint on me and was this friendship that made working there worthwhile. What are my options?


WOW! How about calling the store to see if the coupon has been attached to your phone number.

The only time I've ever had an issue with Dominos they issued a credit for a free pizza to my phone number vs sending a physical one. What good does it do complaining here? We are all anonymous and it really doesn't give the store an opportunity to resolve the matter. To top it off, I think you're being picky because that pizza looks good.

So what its a little well done!?!?! Thin and Crispy, key work is "crispy" but then again from the looks of it you're a complainer. I'm going out on a limb but I'm sure its safe to assume you're probably one of those sad pathetic people who'll never be happy in life no matter how good you have it.

Now it's time to order Dominos for lunch! Good day douche.

to Bobby Athens, Georgia, United States #937118

Dang, Bobby!! That was a bit much.

I'm not picky by any means but not only is that pizza overcooked, one should never have to settle. I hardly think it's asking for too much to expect your pizza delivered WITHOUT crusty black edges.

Thankfully, the Dominos near me is awesome!! It must be frustrating to have locations like this one make Dominos look bad, when I've had such excellent service from the ones near me.

to Bobby San Diego, California, United States #1220000

Youre a douche.

While it might be petty - he is right, and this venue is designed for feedback such as his, clearly you are on this website too so you likely have posted some detrimental feedback.

Also, Dominos would not be successful if they did not provide a consistently perfect pizza the same product every time, how else would a customer feel good ordering from a different dominos or at a different time, it would be a gamble if it turned out the way that individual desired.

You sir, are the douche.

Maybe he was an overzealous customer, but one who happens to be 100% correct and valid and deserving of a consistent product.

Also you are freaking dillusional it is without a question like burnt, but neither you nor i can really attest to the degree of anything from a picture - only he the customer who got it could, again, ya douche.


We're so sorry for the delay of your coupon! Please contact us at http://bit.ly/dpz_care and provide your contact info so we can follow up on this for you. Thanks!


That's a good looking pizza. You're just being silly.

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