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I know pizza MUST be delivered at 30 min or less however this guy on the pic I am attaching was driving like a MANIAC around Sawtelle and Olympic Blvd. today.

He was behind me trying to pass me in a little narrow street, acting like we just had to disappear, mega awful attitude, going to the other side of the street trying to pass us! The car in front and myself where waiting to cross Olympic to go to the left he passed us on the left like he was in a race, crossed Olympic like a maniac to cut right in front and almost caused an accident!

A pizza is really not worth driving someone over or killing someone. Seriously NOT COOL!

Review about: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Reason of review: Drivers are putting others at risk!.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Worker rude, Drivers are a risk.

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Dominos hasnt done 30 minutes or less delivery since the mid 90s...maybe that driver was just an ***.


Call your local police dept. (not 911) and provide them with the details and license info. They may blow you off, but if they get enough calls, they'll put out an alert.

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