I called to order the $7.99 special along with some wings. The young man I spoke to informed me he was new on the job and had never taken an order over the phone.

So ordering took at least up to 15 minutes, because he had to keep asking others what to do and I had to repeat my order request and other information several times. I then asked how much was my order, I was told $24 and some change. After which I heard them all discussing my bill, so at that point I asked to speak to a manager! I asked her what is going on, and she stated that my bill was now over $40.00 dollars and I asked why.

She said the pizza I ordered for $7.99 was for carry out only, and they had already charged the credit card for the order and did not tell me before charging the card why the price changed.

By this time I was not happy, 1st because the young man was new and didn't know what he was doing, 2nd I was told one price and charged another without any kind of explanation prior to charging my card. I work in a service oriented environment and it was negligence on their part to assume that I would want to pay the difference in the charges without being given any information that the price had changed, again it's only because I heard them talking amongst themselves and asked to speak to a manager. So I asked the manager, why they would charge my card before informing me about the issue concerning a carry out versus a delivery per the difference in charges. She began blaming it on the new guy, but blame the Mgr because for the entirety of the time I spent on the phone with him, he continually asked me to hold on to ask questions of those he was working with.

This is the third issue, our call got disconnected and I had to call back because the issue had not been resolved.

I got a different Mgr according to the person that answered the phone, her name was Tasha or Natasha. I was explaining how much time it had taken me to place an order, that the young man definitely didn't know what he needed to do and should have gotten some assistance before the card was charged and one of them, and at the very least, should have gotten on the phone with me, the customer, to tell me what was going on and allow me to decide if I wanted to pickup my order or cancel the order, other than what took place.

As I was explaining as well as asking that Mgr. Tasha, she became very rude, started over talking me, not allowing me to get information from her based on my card being charged a different amount without prior explanation. She claimed I was raising my voice at her, I WAS NOT, instead I believe she just didn't care to hear my complaint.

I never used profane language nor did I holler at her until she began hollering at me, and she stated I just got here, and she was not the one that was there when I called in. She blamed everything on another person, I don't recall her name.

But Tasha hung up on me in the midst of our discussion.

My husband called back because he wanted to get the money back on the card. He eventually went to the store and was given a receipt for the charge and my husband stated that Tasha was telling him I was rude to her and my husband said he told her that was not the truth because he also heard the conversation because my phone was on speaker.

I understand that the customer is not always right, but the entire handling of this transaction was horrible on all levels and very unprofessional.

That's why I decided to complain, I order from this particular store all the time and I have never had anything near this kind of experience before.

I don't know what you will or will not do with regard to this complaint but I hope that something will be done. No customer should have to endure being treated with such blatant disregard when one is bringing business to the company.

My name is Vickie Pearsall and I thank you for your time and attention to my complaint as a consumer.

Best regards!!

Vickie Pearsall

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Pepperoni And Sausage Pizza.

Dominos Pizza Pros: Good pizza and low prices.

Dominos Pizza Cons: Very rude manager.

Location: 11135 Pendleton Pike, Lawrence, IN 46236

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