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Hello Dominos, My name is Rylee-Ann and just recently have my family and I ordered from the company and I have not been very satisfied with the service in the county of Westchester, New York specifically the Ossining location. I ordered in-store under a number recorded on the date November 6, 2020, B62, around 10:30 of a "Manager's Special, 1 large pizza and an order of wings" as well as a marbled cookie brownie, an order of chicken alfredo pasta, and a 2-liter Sprite soda.

I am unhappy to inform you that not only was I very disappointed with the service I got from the employees when I called to ask them what had happened with my large pizza and wings there I was given utmost disrespect. The food they had given me was burnt and the wings looked like they barely cooked it and threw the sauce, garlic parmesan, on the top after the wings were put in the box to go out. I would like to mention that when I ordered in-store I strongly can confirm that masks and gloves were not being used properly. Due to Covid-19 going around in my county I was in disbelief when I was aware of them not wearing their masks properly and making my food without gloves on.

I do in fact have the name of whom my fiancé spoke with on the phone and we will be reporting back to the same location in the morning after this email to speak with the manager that works there. When he called the employees gave attitude and hung up the phone on me while he was speaking with them, although I understand that the people there were may have been struggling in personal ways I believe that what I had experienced tonight my family and I will not be going there again. When I found out that the employee had hung up on my fiancé I immediately went to the same location to speak with them in person. We would only want a refund on the large pizza and wings but the employee told me personally that they could not go through with a refund transaction.

The employee also proceeded to argue back and contradict what he said during our in-person confrontation. They have refused to listen to what we had to say and coming from others that work on customer service and a food industry work environment, that was not things that should have been said to customers.

I would love to hear back from your company, and I am hopeful that we can work this out. If needed I have pictures of the wings and the burnt pizza piece that fell from the pizza, although unfortunately, I don't have the actual pizza because I threw it away due to the horrible condition of the food.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Dominos Pizza Pros: If you hire better costomer servives.

Dominos Pizza Cons: False advertising, Misleading free promo.

Location: 189 South Highland Avenue, Ossining, NY 10562

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You should have called your Country Sheriff's Department on them.

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