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I placed an order and my total was 24.01

I was using a money order i had in my purse that i forgot i had.

Come to find out, Dominoes does NOT take money orders.

I called the store and spoke to the manager and I asked him about this. He was somewhat rude and told me its either cash or card.

I explained to him that it was a United States Postal Service money order and it was legal tender.

How can you not take a money order? It is already paid for and I had my Drivers License with me. So you rather throw the food away.

Thats just crazy. I will never order from dominoes ever again!!!!!!!

Geneva Willson 502-656-****

502 order

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 8404 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40219

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You are disgusting. No one pays for delivery with a money order.

You can still use it to pay your electric bill! What a pi g!


Maybe educating yourself on tender policies is on you. Nobody walks in a store with a money order.

How can they give you change?

How can they check for fraud? Use your brain.


Gee, maybe if they distributed or posted the tender policies, then I , as a consumer, would be better informed. But a couple of things for you Ms *** 1.

I have legal government identification to prove who I am. 2. I still have the actual paid receipt for full purchase of the money order. 3.

The remaining balance was going to the driver. 4. Money Orders are a form of cash that is still being used in the business industry. This was a delivery.

You weren't there so you really have no idea what happened.

You didn't need to be so snotty about it. Use your brain and think before you speak.

@Makhia Wgl

Their drivers aren’t trained to verify tender, nor do they have any equipment on them to do so you fat disgusting pi g. Who do you think you are projecting your lack of mental acuity on others ho g?

It’s cash at delivery unless you arranged credit card earlier. Major bad karma back at you for complaining ho g!


Too bad Geneva Mathis Loquisha “I gots me a 7-11 money order”

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