I don't have a complaint with the food or services,its great,but one thing is delivery charge I give 3 dollars tip to the drive and 2 dollars to the companty total of 5 dollars come on.I don'tlike how workers forget to mention this charge they just add it until the end .if I order more than 20 $ delivery should be free or something I don't mind given tip ,which I always do ,but fact I have dommios company a tip also is ridicules ....they are screwing people......... well that my complain.am I Jeff

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The company takes most of it. They do pay the drivers a certain amount that barely covers gas, but they don't pay for insurance or use of the driver's vehicle. If drivers don't get enough tips, they basically lose money by delivering pizza.


The delivery charge goes to the company to support delivery. Gas,and the emplorers insurance. The driver gets some millage but not the whole 2.00


The delivery charge covers the driver's gas and expenses, including paying those drivers. What Us said: You don't like, get in your truck and pick it up!

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Then pick it up and spend your gas money instead cry baby! :cry :cry :sigh :sigh

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