I used to love Dominos pizza. I have ordered from them many times in the past and been very satisfied.

Customer service, delivery time, all have been perfectly acceptable in the past. I usually add some kind of delivery instruction to my online order, such as "tell me a joke," "draw a giraffe on the box," etc. Well, I just ordered a Dominos pizza and NOT ONLY DID THE GUY HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR, HE DIDN'T DRAW A GIRAFFE ON MY PIZZA BOX!

Buyer beware.

Dominos are LIARS. Will not purchase EVER again, and WILL NOT recommend to family and friends.

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I work at a pizza place and this is so annoying. We are busy do it yourself!

If you didn't pay extra than *** off. Here you are complaint about the box when you should be thinking about the work that went into this pizza

Hudson, Ohio, United States #593404

I've been a pizza driver for about 7 years. Whenever I get those requests to draw dinosaurs, etc on a box I try to adhere to it because I know that generally translates to a bigger tip and its a nice little fun changeup than the normal delivery.

But if it was during a rush I can see how that can easily be overlooked and mainly because the driver is trying to load the order (sometimes two or three depending on location and time) and get them to the customer as soon as possible and in the rush of trying to make sure we grab the marinara cups, drinks, parm, etc it just might not be able to happen. If you look out the window and see the driver then sitting in the car for a minute while he's drawing a giraffe you'd then be mad that he didn't get to your door right away.


You must be an immature child, to not order food from them because the person didn't draw a *** giraffe on your *** box. Grow up!!!

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