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My name is Ebony Boyd and I have been a loyal customer of Dominos Pizza (Broad & Hunting Park Location). I am sending this email because of an incident with a driver whose first name is Heath that occurred on 10/01/2020 at 9:38pm.

I placed an order with your company which totaled $27. I was unaware that the order had been paid by debit card and as a result paid the driver $30 for my order when he arrived. After being made aware of this information, I contacted the store and spoke with an employee named Rodney. I was informed by Rodney that the driver would return to my home and return my money.

I contacted the store two times (9:45pm & 11:04pm) and was informed repeatedly by Rodney that the driver would return to my home and return my money which never happened. The final time (12:30am) that I attempted to contact the store a voicemail message informed me that the store is now closed. I never received my money back from the driver and am no longer interested in being a customer of Dominos as a result of this incident. My order totaled $27 and I paid $57.


Ebony Boyd

1012 West Cumberland Street

Philadelphia, PA 19133


Incident address:

4907 N. 11th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19141

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Vehicle Driver.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Well, I mean honestly that is your fault. But you can always call the store in the morning to speak to the GM.

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