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Hi All,

I am a loyal customer of Pizza Hut, today first time I order pizza from Dominos.

Then the series of unfortunate incident start happening, like:

1. Order pizza at 10:49 pm on 31st Dec 2012

2. Order was diverted to BKC outlet and Ms.Allaya (Customer Care Representative) received my order.

3. Called them at 11:40 pm to remind them that I have placed the order with Dominos and not received my pizza's yet. She told me that the order is on the way.

4. I called her once again at 12:28 pm to remind her that I have still not recived my pizza's. She gave the same excuse.

5. Finally, at 12:37 I received my pizza's. Pizz's were cold and were in a very bad state. I talked to the delivery guy (Alas - Name suggested by him), he connected me to his Manager, Mr. Qazi(9819913687) - who did not receive the call. The delivery boy was in a hurry and said that he is getting late and would not be able to deliver me the pizza if I delay and insist to talk to his seniors. Finally, on my insistance, he connected me to his senior Mr.Sudhir / Ram from BKC outlet. He also refused to accept my point of getting pizza almost 2 hours late.

My only point is - Dominos must have informed me at the time of placing an order that delivery might take more than usual time. I would have ordered from Pizza Hut and have celebrated my new year in a peaceful manner.

I sincerely request Dominos representatives to take my mail seriously and improve their service, otherwise the brand (already struggling)will be suffering a lot in long run.

If they want, they can contact me at - kritesh.grohe@gmail.com

Monetary Loss: $100.

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If you are such a loyal customer to pizza hut then don't order at domino's and quit your b!tching

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