We placed an order at 10:13 and didn't receive the food until11:25. We were told that the order should be received at 11:14.

Now when we received the food and ask for a discount we were told no because, the delivery should take 1hr to 2 hours. With that being said my food was cold and my soda was hot. I don't feel as if we were treated well and the quality was poor.

If I wanted cold food and hot soda I would have called Domino's. If you would like to contact us please email us at Patience.nb@gmail.com thanks and have a good day.

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As alq stated, which company are you complaining about? I wouldn't suggest ordering from them if they quoted an hour to two hour deliver time.

You may be surprised, but Domino's Pizza is all oven baked, we don't carry any cold food and all our soda products are in a Coke Cooler.


Give anybody a clue of wh you are comlaining about. That would be a nice thing. :p :p :p

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