Nothing like eating pizza with water an hour ago he said he'd be back with a 2 liter of coke that he forgot. The last time I eat Domino's.

The reason for delivery is so I didn't have to walk up to the store that's about 3 blocks away in a rainstorm to get anything to eat for the kids. Car Is with wife. Even a phone call to let me know then maybe you didn't have coke. Or worse sorry were make it up next time.

Nope nothing. Have a great day won't see you later

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Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States #584119

Domino's pizza was so disgusting. The manager was texting and smilling while the pizza was burning.

Poor service, no manners, i vommited after eating their pizza today. Never eating it again


Wow the world is ending! I had to eat crfap pizza with water instead of soda.!

What a catastophe!!!!! Not .

WHo gives a ***!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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