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While wilting for a pizza for pick up at dominos in macomb Illinois I saw a worker come out of the store with her apron on, go to a car in the parking

Lot, and proceed to pet all over a dog, i hear her say "the dog licked my apron!", thebshe goes back nthe store, i hear her say " i need to wash my hands" , the goes and use hand sanitisor then went on to the line with her apron to make pizzas and touch all the food without washing her hands putting on gloves or changing her apron. I use to spend 50+ dollars a week at our local dominos, and now I will not ever eat there again, and it is my personal oal to tell everyone I know.

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I called the local Domino's to get a pizza delivered and he told me they didn't deliver in my area.They have in the past, so I was confused.

I asked him to give me a number for another Domino's that would deliver and he gave me his number - twice! When I told him he keeps giving me his number, he told me very rudely that he has looked on the map a million times and they don't deliver to my area. I understood that portion of this horrible conversation and all I wanted was another number. He finally gave me another one and it was in another city.

I told the guy there that this has been a nightmare and all I want is a number to another Domino's to deliver a pizza.

He said he couldn't help me so I went somewhere else and will never call Domino's again.These two employees are very poor representatives for Domino's.


i called dominos in neptune city nj in the evening a lady answered i said what are the specials you are having on the pies she said there are none i declined to order and found out there were in fact deals for the pizzas the degenerate lied to me a real *** bag if you ask me can i get some *** fired for not doing there job this would be cool i also ordered a pizza last wek there and it was horrible and had no flavor and totally sucked i am going to try hard not to go there any more at all and want to file an official complain


No *** I wasnt ok with it, I didn't know it was happening.Nowthat I'm aware thy are filthy as ***, I won't be eating there anymore.

And yes I know that I've eaten it in the past and i am discusted I thought it was safe to eat.God knows what the *** I've eaten thanks to there discusting habits and poor hygiene.


If you have spent $50+ a week at dominos regularly, then this has happened to you before. The only difference is now you see it happening before you eat.

You ate it before and had no problem with it.

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