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I go to school in New Rochelle NY, and I have never been more pissed off at a pizza place in my entire life. I called dominos on north ave in New Rochelle, NY. I called at 11:45 and placed my order through phone. Domino's says that it opens at 11:00 so I thought it was open. An employee answered the phone and rudely put me on hold. Then between 10-15 minutes on hold, he answered and said that domino's was still closed. He hung up without allowing me to even say one word.

This did not however make me the royally pissed I am now about domino's. September 13, 2008, at 2:30 p.m. I placed an online order. I ordered 2 oven bake sandwiches specifically the bacon ranch ones. I saw them on the commercials and thought that they would taste good. The pizza tracker said Muhammad (I swear that was his name) put my order in. At about 2:45 it said that it was canceled. I called to inquire. I was quickly answered and placed on hold.

I began to wait. After 10 minutes of waiting I was answered. I told him that I placed an order online and it was canceled. He placed me on hold. I waited again for another 10 minutes. I was answered and he began to state that he tried calling me. The number that domino's has, is my cell phone. My cell phone has call waiting and is a newer phone. I never got that call. And I told him so. Without a word I was on hold again. I waited. My anger festering.

All of a sudden it was hung up on. I called back now royally pissed and was answered on first ring and hung up on less a couple of seconds from being answered. I was hung up on. Hearing laughing in the background. I do not know if the laughing was from waiting customers or the employees. I called again, same experience. I called next from my friends phone. They picked up. I asked to talk to the manager. I began to talk to him and he had the nerve to hang up on me. I called one last time trying to get a corporate number to loge a complaint.

I went online to try and find a number and their website is worst then the people at domino's in New Rochelle NY on North Ave. I thought that a pizza delivery giant who claims to be high in customer service would appreciate criticism. So I ask them email me and we can talk about how I am going to try and get all of my friends to order a local ma and pa pizza place. I mean I am in New York, you should appreciate my business.

Review about: Dominos Pizza Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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