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I ordered 2 pizza for delivery from the Domino's franchise location 775 Silver Lane Unit 2A East Hartford CT 06108.When the pizza came, one were burnt really bad, the bread, pepperoni & bacon was black!!!

& I mean BLACK! I can't believe they deliver a pizza that burnt to customer????!!! I called & spoke to a guy & told him that the pizza was burnt! He said no it's not burnt it's BBQ sauce, it's dark not burnt!

I told him I know I order my pizza with BBQ sauce but the pizza is burnt! He yell & raise his voice & said that it's BBQ sauce not burnt. His English wasn't good, so that's all he kept saying. I then I really mad & said, yes the pizza have BBQ sauce on it but the sauce is under the cheese, pepperoni, bacon not on top!

I told him the bread, pepperoni, & bacon is black. I then said I can bring you the pizza & let you eat it & see if you would eat a pizza that burnt! Then he left the phone without saying anything & later a another guy got on & said he was the manager. I told the manager guy what happen & he said he would remake that pizza & have it deliver to me with no charge.

He said the other guy was trying to tell me that he would give me a free pizza. I told the manager guy that he never mention anything beside arguing with me & raising his voice at me telling me the pizza wasn't burnt & that it was the BBQ sauce. I told the manager that the other guy treated me like I was *** not knowing that the pizza had BBQ sauce on it that why it was dark. 1st of all the pizza is not dark even with BBQ sauce in it, 2nd it was burnt!

So later someone came with a new pizza that wasn't burnt. I already threw the burnt pizza in the trash but still have the piece I was taking a bit out of, I gave the pizza delivery guy so he can bring back & show his manage how burnt it was". I ask him, "would you eat a pizza this burnt?", he said "*** no"'. I then call the place back & ask the manager to see if he saw the burnt piece of pizza:.

He apologize saying that he will fix it,. I told him that I was mad because the 1st guy I spoke to raise his voice at me & act like I was ***! The manager then make excuse for his employee saying that he was a foreigner & he talk loud & that's how he's.. The manager said he can't change the way that guy talk & can't change him'.

This is a ridiculous excuse! I have foreigner friends & they are not like that!!! The manager is also a foreigner & that's why he back up his employee". Still, there's no excuse to raise your voice at a customer when you are wrong!!!

Customer bring you money in order for you to have that job!!! Seriously ***!!

I'll never order from that franchise again!!!!!With franchise like that, Domino's name is jeopardize!!!

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I know this is a lie.I am currently working at Dominos Pizza and the pizzas never burn.

we send them through a pizza oven that stays at the right degree to cook the try again buddy.


I know this is a lie.I am currently working at Dominos Pizza and the pizzas never burn.

we send them through a pizza oven that stays at the right degree to cook the try again buddy.


Jedi Knight Ethan, you probably work for Domino's or who are the Domino's manager or staff that I'm talking about.I'm right since you back them up & wrote your comments a day after I posted them.

Funny, how fast you acted. Sorry but you need to open your eyes & read, before you speak or write. There's a difference between someone talking loud & someone yelling & screaming. In your comment you wrote "Trying as in he could not accomplish this task because you were to busy yelling at him to let him tell you this." You are clearly the manager or the rude guy that yell & scream at me.

Since you know so well about what is going on. How do you know I was yelling him & not the other way around, huh? Also what you said there, doesn't make sense. Go back & read your comment before you post.

I've already called Domino's corp. office & I also took picture of the burnt pizza. I believe with service like that, that location franchise will be close soon or later. People just thinks that they can by the franchise of a well known name brand & make money & be rich.

Sorry, reality check, you can only make money if you give the same service as the original store/brand. Why don't you read all the bad review about Domino's pizza. I have learn how to make my own pizza with my family. & it turns out great, way better than Domino's & the fact is that's freshly made, with all the fresh vegetable & foods, not frozen!

I know someone who work at Domino's & they said that's dirty & people in the back who makes the pizza sometime doesn't wear gloves when making the pizza. GROSS!!! Manager & staff who work there spit on the costumer pizza when they don't like the customer. Also one thing I forgot to mention in my review is that, when the delivery guy came the second time with the second pizza, he told me that I wouldn't want to eat the pizza because he spited on it.

I told him, I wasn't *** & know that they were going to do that anyway & thanks him for the warning. I'll call Domino's corp. office today to see how they will handle this.

I receive an email from them last week but was too buy.Since your are a liar & bring this up, I'll sure call them today.


Notice how the manager said he was trying to offer you pizza.Trying as in he could not accomplish this task because you were to busy yelling at him to let him tell you this.

Some people just have loud voices and you have to learn to respect them. Just because they are not like you does not make them less important. Not everyone is like your foreign friend. What does the manager being a foreigner have to do with anything.

Me thinks you have more of a problem with their race than your rude treatment. Also judging all Domino's based on one bad experience.

That is what you mean by you will never use their franchise again.Probably wanted more than what they gave you.

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