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Domino's in the Avondale and Kennett PA area are posting roadside "bandit" signs with the Domino's corporate logo advertising pizza. These signs are illegal in the state right-of-way in PA.

I sent a complaint to Domino Customer Care but they don't seem to care.

They just forward my complaint to the local Domino's who ignore it and the illegal signs reappear every few weeks. This week I counted upwards of 50 signs within a 5 mile radius.

You would think think that Domino's would insist their franchises obey all federal, state, and local laws-- apparently not.

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We contacted the PA DOT and they had a chat with our local Dominos. Apparently it was not very helpful because the bandit signs reappeared last week.

Granted there were fewer of them, but they were still within the state right-of-way. One was about 1-ft from the road, for example.

In total 4 complaints to Dominos customer (we don't) care and one complaint to the PA DOT without results. Guess it time to give up and turn our attention to helping solve world hunger.


VERY bad how rude i mean BANDIT seriusly domino pizza


So why don't you report it to the police? If it's really illegal they are required to do something about it.

Oh no the pizza bandits are coming!

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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