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Store #3668 their manager and driver was very rude and disgusting towards me after a two hour wait the manager claim his name was MD and the address is 241 Rockaway, Brooklyn New York. This was my third time ordering from them and they always get my order wrong the number to this store is (718) 756-5666 the manager didn't even resolve the problem after I asked for the store number he told me to go right ahead and make the complaint I find it very rude and disrespectful that he didn't handle the manner as an adult he just hung up!

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The chance is very rare to mess up THREE time!Did you call back everytime?

Something tells me your not telling the whole story. Why would the manager be rude? A manager doesn't want to lose customers. The customers sign our paychecks!

No money.


If your order is always wrong and you have ordered from them 3 x you are dumb.You deserve what you get!

Stop being ***.Their pizza is *** anyhow!

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