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i ordered two large pizzas, one medium pizza, 2 things of wings and some dipping sauce. the total came up to about 70 dollars.

when the pizzas arrived, i got one medium and one set of wings. when i called the restraunt, they put me on hold for 10 minutes. when they finally talked to me, they desparatley insisted they had sent the pizzas. after asking for the manager, the girl began arguing with me for about 15 minutes, all the while refusing to put me in touch with the manager.

then they refused to repay the 40 dollars they owed me for services they didn't fulfill. after insisting i speak with the manager, the girl swore at me and hung up.

next time, i'm ordering papa johns. better customer service.

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Lame story! Like you wouldn't have noticed the order was incorrect before paying for it. The next time you make up a story, I hope it's at least a little believable.


I say this story is bogus. Especially with the poor grammar.

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