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I ordered dominos pizza online for delivery.After an hour passed i called they said it was for pickup.

After i got the order my sauces were not there with the pizza and the pizza was hardly warm anymore.

on the box it had a delivery stick said the order was placed at 4:50 and est.

delivery at 5:30.

I got the pizza at 6:15.Called and spoke with someone and they lied to us saying it wasnt there fault and the box proved it was there fault never got any apoligies or anything will never order domino's again.

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As someone that worked at Domino's I can assure you that they were (most likely) not lying to you. When you called in to ask why you hadn't got your pizza, they had to change the order from a carryout to a delivery and reprint the tags to give to the driver. The problem is that they didn't change the TIME of when the order was placed. The computer automatically puts an estimated delivery time depending on how busy the store is upon order placement. So when the tag was reprinted for delivery, it placed the original times on the order.

It is extremely unlikley that the store is just NOT delivering a pizzas for no reason. There are many checks and balances that would make the drivers and insiders aware that there is a pizza waiting to be delivered.

In other words, it was your fault for incorrectly entering your order online.

Suck it up.

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