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I ordered two of the 5.99 pizza. When they arrived,it was 2.00 delivery charge in addition to the tip.

When I questioned this, they said that the deep dish pizza was a dollar extra for each. No one said anything when I ordered them. I will never order pizza from them again. When I called and complained to the manager, he said he forgot to tell me that it was a dollar extra.

I don't care about the dollar, but it ended up being 4.00 dollars extra for a 5.99 pizza.

I don't need this level of deception. I just won't order again from them.

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Apologize be nice give em something extra!


O hey look a poor people website let's cry because I too poor to give $1.oo to driver so now pizza shop are making me give them a tip

what you poor little people don't understand you drive your dam car go get the pizza $5.99 + $2.00 in gas not counting the time it took to get to your house.

So lets cry some more I am too poor I don't got the $2.00 to give me someone I am to lazy to get off my but cry

o and pizzabummer Sue me please you dumb *** for even saying that.


:( I called for a delivery order and I wanted to use a pizza hut coupon and so the first guy that was taken my order must have put the manager on the phone because this man gone tell me i have made numerous orders there and didnt pick them up. I asked the name what was my last name and he said Brear or something I told him my last name is Harness. But they still didnt place my order I will not be ordering from there again and the bad part about this is i was gone to us a credict card the food would have already paid for the food.


i hope this helps people, not just pizzabummer, know what the pizza stores are doing and charging you for!! the consumer and employees are not winners. but these days even business owners cant win!


just so people know, the delivery charge DOES NOT GO TO THE DRIVER. i used to work at dominos and we did not see that money, and many times people did not tip because of this.

you are not hurting the business just the poor employee who drove it to you! you can demand the charge be removed, there is a simple button on their order screen that can take it off just by touching the screen. if they wont remove it, dont order, but dont stiff the driver, it's tasteless. The average cost to make a large pizza is $4, so $5.99 is a good price.

the insurance they have to pay for the drivers is pricey too. by the way most drivers dont even get min wage because of the tips. yes dominos sucks, but you have to realize that it costs them money to make the item and they have to pay employees, and quite a few of them to get the food made in time. you are going to pay $10 for a pizza no matter where you order from.

be a smart consumer, know the fair price for an item. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!! and know the cost of something before you agree to order.

you couldve also sent the order back and not paid for it. your not contractually obligated to purchase it because a delivery person is there.


First mistake was ordering from D's.

Second mistake was not asking for the

price before you concluded the order



pizzabummer is a horrible parent.


What did the manager say after he admitted it was his mistake? It seems as if he would have been willing to amend the complaint.

Maybe with a coupin or credit for your next order?

Sometimes we need to wait a few minutes before we contact the company just to let our anger subside so we are more rational and polite when we speak with management. Just something to think about.

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