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I was a 15 plus year employee with Domino s in Farmington, MN. I just got tired of all the unprofessional work there.

Work schedules up 1 day beforre they are to start, poor gas allowance, running out of product. I wrote both cororate and the franchise owner. For a few weeks I guess ( I quit - uncomfortable being the whistle blower ) things returned as they were. Now Dominos - the corporate - is doing carry out specials to further cut into driver income, making the driver a glorified phone person.

It s like outsourcing the job! What a *** company it has become.

Review about: Dominos Pizza Delivery Service.

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Kholargos, Attica, Greece #305933

NOPE!!!!!You have to be harsh when these fake/bogus complaints are being posted on WWW.


Wow, Nerdlinger! A little harsh, don't you think?

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