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To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I live on Fort Lewis military base in Washington State and I believe you need to know what is going on at the Domino's on main post. My husband and I have ordered pizza from there quite a few times. Every single time but maybe three, they have given us the wrong pizza. We would call to tell them and they would either send a correct one or give us a credit for next time.

Last night (3-11/11) broke the camels back. Once again we ordered the special that was two medium pizza's with two toppings and a two liter of soda. Of course one of the pizza's was wrong! My husband wanted philly steak and chicken and all he got was philly steak. My husband then called Domino's to inform them once again of the incorrect pizza.

When he called a female answered the phone and he proceeded to inform her of what happen. She pulled up our order information and was reading to the other employees that we always have something wrong with our order. My husband asked her what it was that she was reading to the employees and she told him "there is a note on our order that we always complain that something is wrong with our order".

My husband replied "YES, every time we order from you guys, you get our pizza's wrong". My husband then asked to speak with the manager (Martin Johnson). Mr. Johnson got on the phone and said "WHAT". My husband then informed Mr. Johnson of what was going on. Mr. Johnson said that this never happens and it is always us complaining.

My husband informed him that our son use to work there with him and that it is very common, that they are always messing up orders. Mr. Johnson then yelled out to the employees that "OH, this is Chase's Dad and Chase said we make wrong pizzas all the time". Mr. Johnson then asked my husband what it is that he wanted on his pizza. My husband told him philly steak and chicken.

Mr. Johnson then yelled once again to the employees "Chase's father wants a philly and chicken pizza". Near the end of the phone call my husband asked "so you said your name again is Martin". Mr. Johnson said "no my name isn't "˜Martin Again' it is Martin Johnson".

The entire time on the phone with this issue Mr. Johnson was rude and down playing the situation throughout the entire work place while on the phone with us. Due to this issue we will NEVER order pizza from Domino's. We will also inform everyone here on post that we work with to what happened to us and how rude they are at this location.

Mr. Johnson is not the type of person you need in your business trying to help consumers nor is he the type of example that you want young employees to copy. I am glad that my son stopped working at that store in order for him to enlist himself into the Army where his is now. We love Dominos Pizza and prefer it over every other chain, but this was the last straw. There have been numerous issues with this Dominos on post. I know that even when Corporate came through they received a very bad score because my son was still working there at the time. I hope that you do something about this situation to avoid other people from having to deal with the same issue. Replacing Mr. Johnson would be the first step, because he is giving Dominos a very bad look.

Dominos location3168 2nd Division Drive, Fort Lewis - (253) 589-3030

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Just to let the *** boo hoo both dominos are in trouble. Main post for call like this one that happened to CSM.

That was main post plus the the filth that comes from main post in the summer you have to fight the fly's for your food. North fort dominos has a girl that is ***.

Plus the drugs that come from that store is unbelievable maybe two people can pass a drug test. O'l and Martin got fired from papa johns for doing the same thing to people.


Lol, AP is on his period.

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