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My Cheesteak toasted sandwich was absolutely horrible.It was literally just about an even One inch thick.

I got charged over 6.00 for the equivalent of 1.00 fast food burger.

I got it plain because I dont like the toppings on it, but I didnt know that it meant I was just gunna get nothing on the sanwhich almost Entirely.I just think that you shouldnt advertise something that looks like SO MUCH MORE than it actually is, IT annoyed the *** out of me, I could have filled my gut Twice at Burger king or something for Six buck and some odd cents.

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Umm- you ***- you ordered the sandwich PLAIN!Of course its not going to look like whats advertised!

My goodness- these complaint boards are fun to read for some entertainment at work.

People like this *** are so pathetic!You take a picture that's so dark too that we can't see what you're even referring to.

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