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I try to stay away from dominos, I ended up with $20

Gift card someone gave me, I should have sold it for $5

East prov, dominos they dont neven wash hands properly I kno

I am a chef, ,and the pizza was gross I would get naushis

Wen I try it., I fed to a dog., the pizz $799 one toppin

Do you have special and get rid of old product.

Never again.Ps, the employees were nasty.not clean cut

Or shaven.the female driver came in from delivery to

Top pizza with out washin hands

And to cut box my pizza, luckly it was hot gross.

Review about: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

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I'm sorry, but your post is very poorly written. Perhaps you should try again when you learn proper English instead of whatever that is you posted above. Then you might be able to get help.

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