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We ordered a pizza from DOMINOS a few weeks back and we had fungus on the underside of the bread. We called the local store to make them aware of the situation and they laughed at us telling us that it was impossible, we were just imaging this.

I took the pizza to my neighbour who is a doctor and asked him to check if I was mistaken but he confirmed that it was indeed a fungus formation, called Dominos again and the guy that answered said he was the manager of the store and his attitude was come back to the store and exchange it and hung up.

I have photos of the bread and just can't believe their behaivior. Have stooped eating pizza's after this incident.

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Monetary Loss: $10.

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it isn't just that store - it's any place that orders their chicken from Cisco.I'm beginning to think that all chicken is contaminated with a parasite that is very difficult to get rid of.

Perhaps it is because it is so strong...that the chicken itself...whether fried, blackened, toasted, grilled...MOVES - yes it is a moving micro-organism that will continue to move until the chicken is drained of all moisture. Even then, it moves.

This is very shocking!!!all places who have chicken near any other ingredient will be contaminated throughout the entire store.


I just got our order from dominos and there was fungus on our boneless chicken.I posted pics on their twitter and on my facebook.

Ive had problems with them before but nothing this serious. Im calling corporate tomorrow.

They emailed me a number to talk to someone about it.Im hoping to shut down this location.


"I took the pizza to my neighbour who is a doctor"

HAHA.... Buullll ***.

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