I want to first say that I enjoy shopping with your business and will continue to come to dominos to get pizza. But I have a complaint at the service I received at one of your branches here in Sarasota, FL.

We where ordering a delivery pizza and for some reason we couldn't get the order right with the 5.99 special right. We had already paid for one special and an order of wings. We got frustrated in trying to get the order together over thirty minutes of trying to get it right. We decided to cancel that order and the domino employee, Brittany, that was taking our order gotten upset with me and cursed me.

I replied too the remarks, which I know was wrong. Then the employee made a comment that it doesn't matter you already planned for two and hang up in my face. Knowing now that I was in the wrong, but I went to the dominos branch, 7610 Lockwood Ridge Road Sarasota, FL, trying to see why this employee cursed me and too see what we going to do about the pizza we had paid for already. When I arrived the domino's the domino employee, not sure of his name, I asked about the lady on the phone that cursed me during and he told me she had left and then I asked him question about the order we had paid for and what they was going to do about it.

He acted like he couldn't answer any of my question, which at the time was making me getting upset anymore. I asked for the manger name, Matt is what he told me and wouldn't get me a last name, and I got the branch number 941-359-3033 from outside the store. When another employee came he seemed to know more and see what was going on. While he was looking another employee came in and instructed me too leave and I did so with words, which at the time I was upset with them.

He didn't really want to answer my question about when they going to re-credit our money to our accounts. I am not saying I was in the right all the time in the situation but if the employee from dominoes never cursed me and hang up in my face my words towards them would have never came out.

Review about: Dominos Pizza Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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