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I work 5 miles from dominos pizza. We have been ordering pizza for lunch for over 5 yrs.

I know for sure. We call to have two pizzas, chiken wings, and cheesy bread. They tell us that we are to far away. That there policies have changed wouldnt even take a five dollar tip.

That is the only place that delivers in our area. We would order at least twice a week. Hope this gets to the ceo of dominos because its not right.

How can you stop delivering 5 miles away from the company. I live 4 miles from dominos so am i not going to get pizza delivered either?

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Actually there are WORST places too eat in Baytown, a decent place to eat there is really hard to find, an has been that way for maybe 50 years. The population does not support anything but a few fast food places, IE McDonalds, an such, even the Outback is sorry at best.

The Cracker Barrel is about the best place to get a decent meal. The hwy 146 stretch from Cedar Bayou to Mont Belvieu is sorely lacking unless your willing to eat Mexican or Bar B Q , or donuts all the time.

Even in the 1950s we had to go to Pasadena to get a decent steak. Family friendly dinner places are few an far between, maybe one or two, but located in high crimes areas,, where one needs too avoid after dark.

Baytown in general SUCKs. one reason why I am leaving, moving further North out of the high crime area. Fourty FIVE minutes for a meak Police response after a drive by shooting is sorry as ***,, an typical..

Plus all the idiots who drive up an down Garth road, making it a suicide street. No resturant there worth putting your life on the line anyway, GOOSE CREEK was a *** of a lot better place too live, MY TWO CENTS

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