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I ordered dipping sauce with my order and never got it. I called and the guy was very angry to begin with told me "you didn't order any but whatever" was very rude.

I love the day crew at this dominos but the night crew was unbelievable the driver was waiting outside my house for way to long before going to the door and rudely telling me I need visible numbers.

No other delivery driver has had problems finding my address. I order about 2 times a week and will start ordering from somewhere else.

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We're so sorry about the trouble with your recent orders. Please contact us at and provide your contact info so we can follow up on this for you. Thanks!

Mobile, Alabama, United States #847773

Houses are a little easier to find during the day than at night. If you usually order during the day the drivers on dayshift probably know where your house is already.

Your numbers, if you have any, may be considerably harder to see at night and the driver is probably unfamiliar with your address. If you saw the guy outside "waiting" as you put it why not flash the porch lights or give a shout out the door instead of just watching the guy struggle find you?

Lmao at your order.

An appetizer, dessert and orange soda screams ghetto customer. The guy probably didn't want to bring the sauce out after you had already stiffed him on the tip.

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