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Delivery was missing lava cake.Called and said they'd send it right over.

When I finally got it, one was missing and the other was extremely squished. Did the driver eat one?! Called back to complain and they just said they would send another one...as if I would actually eat anything they delivered ever again!

There's a thumb print inside the box.SOMEONE TOUCHED MY FOOD...DISGUSTING!

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Antelope, California, United States #958677

probably didnt tip


Of course they touched your food...... I mean, there isn't some magical food wand that they zap the food in with. ***


If you are going to lie and pretend one was missing at least make sure the other side of the box does not look stained with lava cake, nice try though, it is obvious that you removed the second lava cake before taking the picture. You know you can edit pictures through photo shop, if you are trying to lie and scam don't be lazy or people will know what you are up to. Also where is this "thumb print?"

to Anonymous #853463

You are correct about them taking the lava cake out and then taking a picture claiming they only got one, If you blow up the picture and look closely you will see the other lava cake hidden between the yellow plate and pink plastic thing.

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