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Aside from the initial reply to \'sister\' (the first person to respond to this post), I will not be replying as \'formerdominosfan\' again. Anyone who does respond beyond that initial reply is not, in fact, me. Should this situation with Dominos be resolved, which I doubt as I\'m not asking for compensation but merely warning others that there is one \'bad apple\' that can \'ruin the bunch\' at this specific store, I will update here accordingly.

Original review posted by user Sep 10, 2011

I live in Waxhaw, NC which is a fairly small town yet offers four different places to purchase pizza. Although I tend to prefer one of the locally owned chains, I decided to give Dominos a try after seeing their new ad campaign promising better food and much, much better customer service.

Although I will say that the pizza was good and I had no problem with placing my order, when I went to pick it up - I live outside of the delivery area so I had no choice in that vein - I discovered that the manager of that store is wholly unprofessional and frankly should not be working with the public at all much less in charge of other people and teaching them how to interact with customers.

To start with, I want to point out that I did not place my order during a busy time for the restaurant. In fact, when I arrived, there was absolutely no one in the store nor were there any orders pending on the screen. Just mine. So upon noticing a 'now hiring' sign in the door when I entered, I decided to ask the girl at the counter what positions they were hiring for as my younger sister is looking for a job at the moment. The girl (NOT the manager) was very polite and professional when she told me she didn't know but would check with her manager. She then stepped around the corner to ask the manager, whose name was Angela, what positions the store were available.

Angela's answer, after casting a glare in my direction, was a very sharp and rude, "I don't know or care. I'm busy." The girl then explained that a customer wanted to know and she immediately replied with an even ruder, "I SAID I'm busy and don't have time for this!"

I should note that Angela was not busy, unless 'busy' in Dominos means leaning against the counter and doing absolutely nothing.

I realize that Dominos is a restaurant and that restaurants have busy times. I also realize that asking someone during a busy time about a job is not a good way to go about doing things. However, once again, the store was clearly not busy, Angela was most definitely not busy, and honestly if she had simply said "I'm not sure; it's a national hiring that's going on so they should just apply online." I would have been fine with that answer. The glares, coupled with the rude response both to the employee as well as directed at me, were uncalled for however. And to top it off, I am not the only one who has had these sorts of run-ins with her, either. Many people I have spoken with have said they will not return to Dominos in Waxhaw, NC, so long as she remains a manager. I do hope Dominos takes this into consideration when doing their reviews of their stores as they are losing customers solely because of one wholly unprofessional woman who treats everyone around her as though they're a hindrance rather than the reason she receives a paycheck.

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@ sister: First of all, my sister isn't even aware of the situation nor would she bother to respond with 'sister' as her name if she replied to this because she is a registered user on this site. So, nice try, troll, but no. :grin

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