South Valley, New Mexico
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Look at this deranged glob of dough they delivered to me. I called the manager and he claimed he personally made this pizza and it was fine. What a ***. My dogs wouldn't even eat it. This location will probably go out of business soon. Maybe we can get a real pizzeria instead!

Someone needs to do something about this outhouse parading around as a restaurant. This is truly ridiculous. My neighbor told me she found a cockroach in her chicken wings and nearly violently vomited all over the dessert pizza.

It all begins at the top. This manager is a total douche.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Chicken Wings.

Monetary Loss: $30.

  • Goff Blvd
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The use of the word deranged to describe this was appropriate, look it up. There are several definitions available.


to throw into disorder; disarrange.

2. to disturb the condition, action, or function of.

3. to make insane.


You all are giving this guy a hard time but. What the h ell is this? I have never seen a pizza like this before, it don't even look like a pocket pizza.


How do you know the glob was "deranged"? Did it speak to you?


"nearly violently vomited"..... reaaaalllyyy.....

to Anonymous #939198

I'm guessing a "near violent vomit" is like, a regular actual vomit? Maybe a sort of "peaceful and tranquil" vomit?

Moline, Illinois, United States #792642

This *** is so could of atleast complained about something real. Like me ,I walked in to a location in moline, ill.

And the employee's were very short tempered, and very rude. I was being rushed when making my pizza. I didn't tgink much of it at the time. I was very hungry, and just wanted my pizza.

When I received my pizza. The pizza was very light on the sauce. It was very dry between the dough, and cheese. My topping was bacon, with extra bacon, cheese, and sauce.

On the whole pizza, there was bearly a peice of small bit of bacon, on every ***. And some bites had no bacon at all. Like I said, it was supposed to have extra sauce, bacon, and cheeses. That is what I was paying for.

And all I got was a poorly made exspensive pizza, that was skimped on toppings. Also I ordered the pan pizza, because I love the crispy bread. The person who made the pizza spilled cheese under the pizza somehow. And the crust tasted of burned cheese.

I enjoy pizza hut.

But I will probably go to papa john's next time or until this problem with the store is resolved. :cry

Yucca Valley, California, United States #785117

"My neighbor told me she found a cockroach in her chicken wings..."

I hope she didn't tell them or they would have charged extra.

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