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I really do love the artesian pizza, especially the spinach and feta one, but this store can not get it right. The tracker says that some girl named Tenisha cooks my food but she does a terrible job EACH time. Last time, there ws soo much cheese, that you could not even see the crust. There was literally one piece of spinach swimming in a seam of greasy cheese. It was basically inedible, so I called the store to get my money back.

I spoke to the manager named Mosley (i believe) and he rudely cuts me off, then says that he will give me a free artesian pizza when I call back then hangs up. I call back the next day to get a different pizza, and he then says that I had to spend an additional 10$, just to get the free pizza. Now wait a minute...he seriously believed that because he messed up my order the first time, I would have to spend at least an extra 13$ (including delivery fee) to get my food? This does not make sense. Why would I give any extra money to a restaurant that was clearly failing?

I argued with him for literally 15 minutes and he eventually decided to send me a free pizza, but because the food quality was terrible, and customer services was even worse, I think no one should EVER eat at this 'restaurant'. Extremely disappointed.

Review about: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Next time be more careful with your food stamps so your government assistance program money does not run out. That way you don't have to lie to restaurants to get free food and argue for 15 minutes to get your food free.

Funny you loved getting the free pizza yet you don't want to do business with them.

Do you even have a job other than lying to get free food? Frankly that does not count as a real job.


Did the restaurant really fail or are you hoping to get free food off of them through lies?

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