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Dominos Pizza Three Topping Pizza Review from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
$8.43 wasted!Half the pizza isn't even cooked. The PREMIUM chicken is pink, it wasn't even edible. This isn't the first time either.It is only after the forth attempt at dominos that I finally give up.
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We ordered a large 3 topping, veggie, pizza last night from Dominos in Bithlo, East Orlando Fl. area. Cost $21.00. When the pizza came it was cold and there hardly enough toppings on it to cover one slice, let alone a large pizza. Ive had better better pizza from the frozen foods asile at Winn Dixie that costs a quarter of what I paid Dumdinos Pizza... Avoid that place like the plague! I for one will never buy from Domlnos again..
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