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Update by user Jan 21, 2017

Overall, very poor and very unprofessional experience.

Original review posted by user Jan 20, 2017

On Dec 31, 2016, I decided to order Pizza from Dominos (Store # 7454, 971 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89015). As it was the only option open that offered delivery and I had a coupon, seemed like the wise choice.

Not wanting to charge it and short on cash, I decided to take an uncut sheet of $2 bills I had and cut them up. While it's not the norm and I could have gotten more for them elsewhere, figured wouldn't hurt and the $2 bills would be a nice novelty. I ordered the items, they were delivered, paid for them with he $2 bills and gave a hearty tip. I never received any calls or emails on the subject.

All my calls are monitored, recorded and logged by a third party and will prove this. Today, two uniformed officers, doing their job respectfully came to my door. It seems that I was the suspect in a fraudulent case. I asked in regards to what and they informed me that I had paid for pizza with fraudulent two dollar bills.

I then proceeded to show the officers the box they came in from the U.S. Treasury, the original packaging from them as well as other examples of uncut sheets of money as well as proof of purchase from the US Treasury directly, fortunately I saved the original box. They informed me that they had never seen uncut sheets of money. I asked why the bills were not tested before hand as a test would have shown they were authenticate.

I also explained that most banks would freely test the bills without question and confirm their legitimacy. As these bills were from the U.S. Treasury directly, I have little doubt that they are authenticate. In either case, certainly if I had the means to manufacture fraudulent notes, it would be more than $2 bills and the use of pizza at my home address.

In either case, how Dominos handled this was totally out of line. They could have verified the notes with their bank or frankly a $5 bank note pen. They could have also contacted me directly which documents would prove never did. The police did their job and I respect that but Dominos was out of line.

Anyone who can't tell the difference between real notes and fake ones deserves no place in a retail environment. While I respect that this may have been prompted by a low level employee who simply didn't take the time to educate themselves and not Dominos as a whole, I will not be using Dominos anymore. The waste of tax payer dollars, the waste of my time and the waste of officers times best used on real crimes is absurd. I think Dominos owes an apology to law enforcement, an apology to me and needs to educate its people and proper detection of notes, either that or invest in a $5 note checker, something most establishments do.

I would like Dominos to publicly apologize to the City of Henderson, the Henderson Police Department and reimburse the police department for wasting tax payer dollars. I would like Dominos to properly educate it's people on counterfeit currency and I would like an apology.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Apology and reimburse taxpayer for loss..

I didn't like: Treatment, Poor service, Bad employees and bad management, Waste of taxpayer dollars.

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I feel you complaint was mostly valid, but not sure why some people came to the conclusion of you cutting the bills in front of the delivery boy, or that you were not supposed to cut the sheets yourself. Simple case of lack of intelligence I suppose, although I don't consider myself to be the smartest person and it was clear to me that would be absurd to assume you had.

Which explains the personal insults that soon followed their ignorant comments. That is typical.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1281143

"The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) has been selling uncut sheets of currency since October 26, 1981. These sheets and other currency related products can be purchased online at the BEP’s web site, www.moneyfactory.gov.

Information on how to order by phone or fax is also available at that site."

So I believe you.

You did these things but I fail to see why you don't understand any person standing and watching someone cut currency or handing over a hand cut piece of currency isn't a red flag. It's uncommon and definitely not an everyday occurrence.

to OhIsThatItNow #1282149

Certainly a fair question but some things to consider.

#1 - I am not sure what you mean by "everyone" as the comments listed below are represented by two people, one a very well known troll who works for the website and another, clearly a person simply giving a hard time.

#2 - I have worked with coins, paper money and collectibles for the better part of 30 years and I can say first hand, it's not uncommon for people to cut up paper money. First being the obvious that all money starts out that way, second being that while the price does exceed the net value, most people receive them as gifts and thereby don't associate them as value and finally, all uncut money sheets eventually end up that way, either because they are used as legal tender eventually or they are eventually lost or destroyed.

Mind you, this is simply coming from an experience collector and buyer/seller. What you see on the website is nothing more than the novelty value, no different than if you bought a bag of quarters which is also possible,, as the end of the day, they eventually get used as quarters and have no more value than their face value.

#3 - The problem with the mindset overall is that two fold. It wasn't that someone came to the door and I cut up the money and handed them the bills in front of them. That would certainly be a huge red flag and certainly cause for suspicion as clearly many more than I would have thought didn't know all money starts as uncut.

The second problem is that they were precut and everyone I spoke to said it was the look, feel and sequence of the notes that prompted the concern. That combined with their initial policy which everyone can admit was flawed was first to file a police report before doing anything, even a standard check was not beneficial not anyone but lazy and unqualified managers.

Certainly I can't be made to held to the look, feel and overall sequence of the numbers of the notes? If that were the case, everyone who uses new notes from the bank which is also very common would face the same situation.

Any other questions?

Sanford, Maine, United States #1278805



This matter has been resolved. Dominos admitted that they were out of line and that moving forward, they will include the tools necessary for it's stores to enact changes it needs to ensure this does not occur again.

to alejandroc Naples, Florida, United States #1282042

Sure. They are going to train their employees to understand something that will probably never happen again unless it is you doing it.

Naples, Florida, United States #1274603

You ordered uncut sheets of a currency rarely used in circulation anymore, cut them to pay for pizza (which nobody does), and can not figure out why Dominoes sicced the cops on you? It is not their job to verify that the plainly scissor cut bills are real.

It is up to you to prove to the cops they are real.

How you can not figure out that what you were doing would look suspicious I can't fathom. But the fact that you even wrote this complaint proves it.

to LadyScot #1274606

All notes come from uncut sheets, how do you think they arrived to you? Nobody does that, really?

So, Dominos assumed that they came from uncut sheets? They didn't have to assume, they all do. What exactly "looked" suspicious? I placed an order, someone came to the door and I gave them cash.

Which part of that "looks" suspicious? How exactly does writing a complaint prove what?

to alejandroc Naples, Florida, United States #1275350

I have been in the workplace handling money for 27 years, and I have yet to have someone hand me a bill that they themselves had cut.

You obviously failed to comprehend what you read. You also failed to comprehend why it looked suspicious.

to LadyScot #1275356

So you know for a fact that in 27 years, not a single bill you received wasn't cut by the government or you assume? I didn't realize that some retailers asked the question as to how notes were cut.

I also wasn't aware that who cut the notes determined the value of said notes. I understood what I read completely, you are suggesting that who cut the bills dictates it's value and/or otherwise looked suspicious. By your own contention, those customers in retail should have to prove the source of the notes they receive and ask whether they cut the notes or the government did. So by looking suspicious, you are suggesting they knew that they were not cut by the government and therefore suspicious.

Not that any reasonable person would but the next time you hand a bill to someone, how would you respond should they ask whether you cut the notes or not? Spare me the notion that you would never do that because it's irrelevant to your intentions but rather, should you even be asked the question, how would you respond? In either case, I was never asked such a question as it would be irrelevant. The notes were not cut into stars or other shapes, they were cut to correlate to the exact size and shape of the typical size and shape.

Their confusion was prompted that store hadn't seen $2 notes as a rule and the serial numbers were in sequence. If you feel that is justified cause to prompt suspicion then maybe more time in retail is required, that or a note checker marker which is used as a standard practice in many transactions and otherwise would have validated the notes, somethings I've seen countless times used and would have avoided their confusion in this case.

to LadyScot #1399454

There lies the ignorance of assumption...

to alejandroc Naples, Florida, United States #1275484

Again, you failed to comprehend what you read. I know the government cuts the bills from sheets.

I plainly said, in English, that I had never been given a bill that SOMEONE had cut THEMSELVES.

No wonder you got the cops called on you. You obviously can't reason or read.

to LadyScot #1275524

I can read very well but thanks for the personal attacks. So your contention is that you are certain that not a single bill had ever been cut by an individual?

I can read because this is implied in your "never" comment. Is that your contention or simply an assumption? In "English" there would be a difference between these two concepts. I can also read as you still have yet to mention how an individual cutting them changes the value of the notes?

I can read as you have yet to say that because that would be absurd right? So the point in who cuts them changes what? You have also failed to mentioned that. You also failed to mention how who cuts the bills changs any baring on the situation?

So your new claim which is also inaccurate is that someone not being able to read would warrant the police being called? Maybe as I didn't couldn't read, I must have missed the fine print as to read "government cut bills only" - as you can read, maybe you can tell me is that in their terms of policies?

I am really unclear here but as you suggest I can't read, probably not that surprising. Are you suggesting that unless the government cuts them, they have no value? Are you suggesting that when an individual cuts them, they change the value?

You've already said in 27 years that you have "never" receive a bill cut by an individual, inaccurate but still interesting to read. So I am really not sure what you are suggesting? Maybe I missed it in my lack of reading, also inaccurate but thanks for the personal insult. So what is your point again?

Because so far, every comment made which I did read has been inaccurate unless of course you really do suggest that unless the government cuts a note, that it would change the value but then again, that would be absurd so I wont suggest that but then again, that leaves the question what your point is? I would ask you to spare me the mature response of "if you don't know, I am not going to telll you" but then again, I imagine that's all you will be left with at this point.

to LadyScot Suffolk, Virginia, United States #1308118
I completely understood what you mean - and I don't even have a college degree. hmmmm.

I've been dealing with cash for the better part of 40 years and NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE have I ever witnessed someone cutting a bill off a sheet of money to pay for something.
Now I'm certain that they cut that money up at the Treasury or maybe in a hotel room somewhere before I've seen the bill. But not once have I seen someone with scissors or a paper cutter cut in front of me.

I get it - and I've been known to be obtuse at times. :)
Fullerton, California, United States #1274491

Anyways I am done with you. I already exposed you in your lies I will let others decide who to believe.

But you probably have no friends so you have to claim I have other accounts.

Funny how you and that New York user is saying the same thing. Funny how you refuse to answer questions and change the subject when you are proven wrong.

to MakeMyDay2016 Henderson, Nevada, United States #1274494
Ah, you are done :(
They have a limit of pay-per-reply? I guess honor amongst thieves right?
Before you go can you give me a hint what you make on this website? I won't tell.
to alejandroc Fullerton, California, United States #1274499

nothing retard. said that already

to MakeMyDay2016 #1274501

You have to tell Michael or Alex that they have to start paying you!

Funny how they are in NY.

If you are going to mass search your backend DB, make sure the pages are catched. Web 101!

Fullerton, California, United States #1274488

There you go changing the subject. You are the one that posted from NY.

to MakeMyDay2016 Henderson, Nevada, United States #1274492
Pay-per-reply it is :)
Nope, sticking to the same subject no matter what you say but keep it up!
MakeMyDay2016 is fake. This will remain the subject for the last 10 replies and the next 200 replies. That and this continued fallacy that your post are legit, I guess some people are buying it.

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