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We grew up on Domino's Pizza 3x a wk when my mother was taking night classes. To this day I still CRAVE their original recipe from 1980's with founder Tom Monaghan's genuine recipe.

We would get a large pepperoni for 4 kids and they would bring us the best fountain drink colas you have ever had in your life. Found out it was actually RC Cola, but they would mix it so a bit more syrup of RC with water than usual. The pizza and the RC were to die for no lie! The pizza would literally melt in your mouth and you could taste each savory ingredient as it burst with pure and honest intense flavor in your mouth.

The crust, sauce, cheese and pepperonis were fresh (as could be expected) and the real deal. To this day, I have never had a better pizza than the original Domino's from back in the day. Now, I wouldn't touch any of their pizzas with a 10 ft pole. Disgusting through and through to the point it makes me nauseated to even contemplate.

*** Dominos, how freakin hard is it to go back to Tom's original recipe from 80's and before. I'm sure he sold you the rights to use his recipes no doubt when the current imbeciles bought him out. So sad to me that this generation of kids will never know pure delight from our once beloved Dominos. Even if the tried and true original recipe costs more for decent higher-end ingredients, common sense dictates you would more than make up for it with volume of sales.

Get your head out of the sand and go back to what you know would beat any of your competitors hands down!! How hard is that to understand?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Tom monaghans original recipe 1980s.

I didn't like: Dominos pizza is disgusting and i would rather starve.

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Absolutely agree 100 percent! Dominos of the 80’s was flat out the best.

And and you could order extra thick crust, which I did every time. Dominos today is just lousy.


Papa Johns should buy up Dominos and convert all of the existing Dominos to Papa Johns.


I agree. It's not good any more. ...and I worked for dominos pizza 1982 - 1988.


I totally agree with every word that you said. If they would simply do as you say they would make very high profits and they would be loved again.


Exactly the same story for me. The TM Dominos pizza was the best I have ever had and I search the web every few months hoping to find someone who sells it.

Bain Capital (Mitt Romney) bought the company from Tom and proceeded to change the recipe from the best to the worst in record time. All in search of more 'profit'.

Such a shame and such a loss. Sure wish that Tom would have somehow structured the sale so that the public would not have lost the product forever.


What I wouldn’t give for the old 80’s style, it was great and so consistent..... god forgive me I am Sicilian ......

but it’s like if I can’t get my home town pie, if I’m on travel... I’m not going to gamble... dominos...

only way to go.... with the old sauce....


I totally agree, 80's Dominos are the best! Bring it back!!!!!!


Couldn't agree more!!! The pie from the 80s was amazing! I never get it nowadays...


oh i remember in the 80s getting cheese and pepperoni and thick crust.that dominoes pizza was the bomb.the funny thing is i can still taste it.i try and explain it to my daughters but cant.dominoes pizza today just smells like dog *** or dirty feet


Sooo true. Pizza just isn't what it used to be. I miss pizza HAVEN, Pietro's godfather ("doi it")' it truly sucks

Evans, Georgia, United States #1330822

sooooooooooooooooooooooooo agree!!!!

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1307561

Domino's motto should be,"If you like frozen pizza taste you will tolorate ours."

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1307557

Dominos, please go back to oringinal 80s recipe. It will make the world right again.


You overestimate the consuming public sir. Why would a company throw away profits on decent ingredients when they know full well that the majority of the braindead consumers don't care? Be certain that Domino's understand this extremely well and are right at the position in the market they intend to be.

I can remember people also calling for better quality audio formats for similar reasons when .mp3 became popular, but their voices were drowned out by a sea of consumers who just didn't give a rat's ***.

to Anonymous #1340358

Whatever the pizza SUCKS. ITS always burnt, not enough cheese when I order XTRA CHEESE. it's nasty wake up THE CRUST IS THE WORST

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1176161

I would love to have a dominos pizza from the 80's. I loved it so much more than what they are making now. I remember growing up ordering from them and how delicious it used to be.

to Anonymous #1340361

*** yeah!!! Literally ordered it 3 times a week they knew us.

1980's all the way, BRING IT BACK!

they had to change the Recipe for cheaper ingredients AND due to the obesity in this country blah blah blah. PIZZA IS SUPPOSED TO BE FATTENING NOT HEALTHY

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