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If Domino's lawyers make them post a big statement about how the delivery drivers don't get any of the delivery fee they charge then why do they charge a delivery charge.We are paying for overhead.

It would be like going into a sit down restaurant and they charge you money to bring the food to the table. Ripoff I say. Who gets the money? Apparently not the drivers.

I'm sure they have some story about how this is to pay for the insurance on the drivers or some such garbage but it's just an extra fee.

I'd rather they just raise the prices and include the delivery.Remember 30 minutes or it's free days from Domino's.

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I don't want them to raise the prices because I don't utilize delivery, I get off my backside and I go and get my own pizzas! Pay the d@mn fee and tip your driver or go get your own pizzas!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1222218

And Dominos, don't give you paremsan chesse or pepers free. They have been getting really CHEAP!! That is very much ***, about the delivery charge!


I've done this job for 18 years do to being disabled and let me tell you what 90% of all pizza give their drivers half as much as the delivery.When I first started the delivery was free and they gave you 50 cents out of their own pockets, now they charge 2 dollars on avg and give the drive 1 dollar.

Ok they say you should deliver 4 to 6 pizzas a hour let's say 5 that's five dollars in their pockets and 50 cents they used to give you when it was free. Now let's do the math they make 5 dollars off the the delivery don't pay out of their pockets now that's 7.50 which is more then you get paid per hour. So now these crooks get a vehicle use for free, free labor. No holiday pay no retirement fund.

Most people would naturally think this 2 dollar charge would go to the driver now your tip has been dropped and who takes it the @%&$ the driver. There are are places that I've worked at and have taken deliveries 15 mile round trip now the government says 50 some cents a mile, I have to make 7.50 cents just to cover the vehicle then you get stiffed and you can't tell these customers the deal without loosing your job I think if you don't tip the driver and can go pick it up (seeing a vehicle in the driveway) they should be banned from getting their pizza delivered to them.

How is it fair for the guy that does tip does this cheap *** get away with this if everyone was like him there would be no deliveries.........This isn't hard common sense should be practiced...

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Never mind delivery charge. I asked for some packets of red peppers and was told I can purchase a mini pepper shaker for $2.50 . Then they bring you a cold pizza 20 minutes late.


I am a good tipper and tip delivery people well.But the fact is that domino's has a one topping pizza and a sandwich for 10.99 total comes to 16.

32 i live in cali. Tax should be about. 99 cents delivery 2.50 how does this equal 16. 32?

Happens all the time.

Gave delivery kid 20 bucks and told him to keep the change.They are 4 blocks from my house.


Don't call it a delivery charge . It has nothing to do with it .. Call it a price gouging charge !!!!

Winston, Georgia, United States #997027

2.99 is a lot. That's all I'm saying. And some people don't have cars so we have to take delivery as an option which sucks.

Easton, Maryland, United States #991966

The delivery fee can be different and different stores handle the delivery fee differently.At my store because hardly anyone ever tipped we got a little over a dollar per delivery out of the delivery fee.

This put gas in our cars but little else. I don't think you appreciate how expensive gas is and how little drivers can make, especially when a lot of the money they make goes right into maintaining their cars.

If they started charging higher it'd have to be a flat rate across all stores. So areas where delivery fees were cheaper would lose business as the price increased for the pizza compared to competitors, richer areas might benefit the most though from this deal but overall the fee really doesn't matter, everyone charges a fee for delivery. If you don't like it come and pick up your pizza, don't force people who do pick up their pizza to pay more money because you don't like paying the "delivery fee" which is just that a fee dominos charges to deliver pizza to you.

It isn't a scam or a hidden charge, it is quite simply a charge to make up for the fact that delivering pizzas is really expensive for dominos, you need a lot of drivers to keep up with peak demand and end up having to pay a lot of money to hire and pay said drivers.

The fee makes perfect sense if you think about it.

It costs dominos more money to deliver a pizza then to make one for pick-up so it makes sense for dominos to charge people money for deliveries instead...

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to Anonymous Wayne, New Jersey, United States #1030965

You are wrong.It doesn't cost for them to divert it to your door.

Is dominos paying the gas of the vehicle your pizza is being delivered in? NO. Is dominos paying for the vehicle that your pizza is being delivered in? NO.

Is the driver getting paid the same as if he was in the store making the pizza? YES. So how is it costing dominos more money to deliver your pizza? Your going to say that because they offer delivery means they need more employees, thus costing them more money simply for more hired hands.

However, if you did some digging/research, you would find that a costumer who gets dominos delivered is more likely to not have ordered dominos at all if it wasn't for delivery.

So by losing these customers who only get it delivered, dominos required staff would shrink because the pizza demand wouldn't be as high and they would obviously not have as many employees.So back to the delivery charge, how is it costing dominos more money to deliver my pizza?

Houston, Texas, United States #961634

why can't they just "man up" and say, they charge higher for delivery... They lose a lot of my business because of such word games........

might just call it a service TAX

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