We ordered online and received a call 15 minutes later that they were out of pasta. Ok, no problem.

I ask them to cancel the pasta and send rest of order. Driver shows up (going on one hour from order time now) and he forgot our sandwich. He says he cannot refund it because he has to have manager approval. OK, I call the store to cancel because we no longer have time to wait.

(Employee answers phone and immediately puts on hold w/out seeing what we need.) I finally get an employee and ask for a manager, they hang up on me twice when I say I need a refund. Now phone rings over and over, no one answers the phone at all. I drive down to store to get my refund and tell the manager that I want the store owners name and number because I cannot believe I had to drive down there to get my refund. The manager cusses me out saying, "*** YOU!

NO REFUND! I WILL SPIT IN YOUR FOOD IF YOU ORDER HERE AGAIN!" Then I say, "I cannot believe you just cussed at me because I was not cussing or asking for anything but a refund for food I never received!" I tell her I am going to call the BBB and I'll find the number to the owner to report her behavior, then she picks up phone and calls cops saying she has an irate customer she needs removed from her store. I tell her that is unbelievable that she would call the cops on ME when she is the one being irate and making threats. I look around at the other employees and say, "You are witnesses that SHE is the one being irate when I have not cussed or anything." I finally leave store VERY UNSATISFIED.

NO, Dominos, you will never get another order from me or my family or friends.

I have ordered from that same store for 15 years and the service has gotten considerably worse. If you are going to hire employees like this, you might as well shut the store down.

Review about: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Lol. I almost wanna believe this, but it sounds fake. I don't work at that one, work at another location in the US. But we get soooo many people calling in about orders that were "wrong" we had to start taking pictures of it before hand. it was about 7/10 of the "wrong" orders, that were outright lies. "We no longer have the time to wait". What a bunch of ***. If you truly didn't have the time to wait, you wouldn't have wasted all that time in the first place, and would have just went on with your life. You went up to the store, you had time to wait.

Also, if we put you on hold, it's because we're busy, smart guy. You're not special, you don't get to jump in front of all the other people calling/whatever. So maybe if you would have waited, who knows. Ok, say your store is 100% true, in how you presented it, and it was busy, they couldn't answer. Well going up there during a rush is just going to *** off the employees.

Also, I would have called the cops too on you, since a) I wouldn't (nor do I have to) deal with you. B) sounds like you came up there angry, and generally unpleasant. Can't tell you how many times I personally hung up on a customer, or told them "too bad". What happens when they call the store owner/management? Nothing. 9/10 they side with us. So if you really want your free sandwich, which if you came up there calmly, most likely would have been given to you.

I guarantee that the store in Amarillo, does not miss you one bit.


What is their #?


Nice to know dominos in Amarillo , Texas is a good place to stay away from. They don't neeed the business with their attitude!!! :( :( :( :(

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