If i can't add or subtract items from the new artisan pizza's i simple won't spend my money on any of them. Not a good idea to tell CUSTOMERS they can't have the food they are BUYING the way they want it prepaired.

Also, i had a hard time finding a direct link to send this feedback to domino's. They talk a good story about how they care about customer feedback but then don't make it easy to got that feedback to them.

Now i find that i have to extend this out to 100 words for my complaint to be valid. RETALLY?

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So I found this site while googling, and the telling people "NO" is a joke. The concept of them making it to perfection and then essentially saying "No, there's no need to change it because it's already perfect." Lol. I add banana peppers to mine all the time with no issues.


Yeah so get mad at the employees who are just doing what Corporate Dominos wants. They have to do what's asked of them.

Do you disobey your boss? No you don't, or you wouldn't have a job.

That's Dominos policy. Deal with it.


Right? If we're giving them our money give us what we want!

I'm sure they are great but you just DON'T tell a customer "no" if its not impossible. If I want freaking pineapple on my artisan, give it to me! Not an insane request. Its not a far stretch to say that maybe some people just don't like the artisans the way they're prepared and want to add something they'd like.

They want our money, and I want my food I pay for the way I LIKE IT. Its that simple...


Had the same thing happen to us, was about to drop $60 for a large order but when they told us they can't add anything to the artisan said Nevermind.


Whats funny... is that I've never actually seen this commercial or heard of the "NO" thing until reading about it online tonight.

As a cook at Domino's I add and subtract toppings on Artisan pizzas all the time.

If I'm not supposed too, they certainly didn't mention it to us at our store.

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