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I visited the Domino's Pizza location in Lanett, AL on Sunday, February 28th around lunchtime. The guy making the pizza had a band-aid on his finger and WAS NOT wearing gloves.

He also stopped to take orders at the register.

There were two other female employees, one at drive-thru and the other at the front counter. I saw him wash his hands twice and continued to prepare food with a soggy bandage!

This location should be closed!

User's recommendation: I DO NOT recommend ANYONE to order from this location!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $29.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Dominos Pizza Pros: Specials.

Dominos Pizza Cons: Store does not follow food safety guidlines.

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I know that this person is lying, but I have a feeling there is more to this story. I have a feeling that they used to work here and were fired.

If they really saw someone hand their food over while wearing bandage and no gloves they would not have accepted the food. They would have come into the restaurant and demanded a refund. Especially if the bandage was soggy. They are obviously lying to get a free meal, that is for sure, but the fact that they are suggesting that they shut this place down as well makes it obvious that the OP used to work here and is lying to get into trouble.

Even if she did not get fired, her lies could get someone else fired and they would be in the same situation as the OP, unable to afford their food. Hopefully they would not lie to get a free meal as Renee is doing.


You are obviously lying to get a free meal. If this were true you would have asked for a refund then . It is a shame that you need to lie to get s free meal because you can't afford to feed yourself.


I also think that the op is lying for a free meal.if this really happened they would not have accepted. Funny how they ate the pizza.

Should get frozen pizza if they cannot afford delivery. If they cannot afford that there are soup kitchens and charaties for them.

It is a shame that they need to lie to get a free meal. They should be embarrassed to post this



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