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Their food sucks as well as their customer service… They seem worse to me... I got wings that were delivered to my door and went straight into the trash! Total rip off!!! I contacted the store, corporate and Facebook page with no response whatsoever! Its to the point that I will never order from them again regardless. I'm truly beside myself at how little they seem to care... "Good luck with promotion, your sales will drop again once people see there is no substance in this recent campaign and your just as bad if not worse..." Truly discussing food and customer service to match...


Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Chicken Wings.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Mar 23, 2014.
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absolutely disgusting. where the *** are these wings from. they taste like they're from some kind of electroshocked bird that's been dead for 5 years.


I just eat one of those things today and I still feel uneasy let alone I feel as if it was uncooked


The wings are really bad


*** You Pissed Consumer! You guys are pulling a scam!

The reason No one does anything about Kevin Richards is because he works for them. They must make money on the number of posts so he purposely tries to get people to respond to him.

I think everybody should boycott Pissed Consumer. I work in the legal profession and I'm going to see what kind of grief I can cause them as well as launch a campaign to boycott them.

to *** U ***ed ***sumer Orange, California, United States #1025874

Yeah if I were working for them why would I make posts that make people want to leave the site. I do not work for them you retard.

If you really worked for the legal profession you would be able to use common sense. They won't be boycotted because you cannot take constructive criticism.


Kevin Richards post as himself, as anonymous and as others who have left posts. He is very deranged and spends all his time trolling and leaving hateful posts all over the internet. He is a real low life.

to Kevin Richards ***KS Fullerton, California, United States #1297688

You are the one that is making lots of posts pretending other people hate Domino's. You are the OP and need mommy to monitor you.

Orange, California, United States #1025435

I am not harassing you. I just showed how pathetic this complaint is.

Telling you that you are wrong and that there is nothing wrong with the food is not trolling. Lots of people in third world countries would love to eat that chicken.

Shame on you for not seeing how privileged you are. Shame on your parents for allowing a 10 year old like yourself unsupervised online and not teaching you that you are lucky to have a roof over your head and food.


Ordered a medium pizza and was chaged $15.00 for it. Delivery guy came and delivered it and apologized for the outstanding cost and came back with another medium pizza for the total cost of (2) pizzas for $15.00 plus tip. I will never order from Dominos again.

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