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Ordered an Italian sandwich that had 3 slices of wafer thin salami, a few peppers, melted imitation cheese I could not chew and the rest was just bread; also it was missing the onions, the pepperoni and ham. I called and complained and they send me a chicken parmesan to replace it.

That sandwich to was awful. It was not a chicken breast at all, it look like shaving pieces that you sprinkle on a pizza pie.

Trust me, maybe three or four of the of these chicken shaving was on the each half of the bread. I will never, ever order a sandwich from them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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We're so sorry for the trouble with your sandwich! Please contact us at and provide your contact info so we can follow up on this for you. Thanks!


You for the chicken sandwich for free so why complain. Get a job and earn your own food like the rest of us. You were probably hoping for more free food.

to Anonymous #854494

To anonymous: I'm a retired postal worker with a pension. I was not getting any thing for free but a replacement for a sandwich I could not eat. So why would I want more from them ,when the replacement sandwich was garbage also; no way would I want anything else from Dominos Pizza

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