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Placed order on app for a delivery around 6:25pm and at 7:30pm called and asked what the eta was of my delivery because it has sat in quality check for 35 minutes. They said when the driver comes back.

I asked how long is that they could not tell me so I said I will pick up my order. Picked up order and its almost cold and since I order on app so paid for it. Which I get home was charge $2.99 and my tip. I want a refund.

I work food retail and understand challenges right now but the app should have said carry out only if not enough drivers or a phone call should be made to let the customer know the situation. Need my money back as I picked the order up refund delivery and tip.

No apology on the phone or when I picked up order. Not customer service!

Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

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So what you're saying is... You should have picked it up yourself. I agree.

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