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I go to 1 of the branches of dominos pizza in kuwait Amman st. salmiya. At around 1:20 am , i am surprise when i want to pay because they did not give me the receipt they just tell me verbally about hm just concernedow much do i need to pay and not about that only, all the staff are drinking and eating in front of the oven which is not acceptable at all and playing with there mobile phone in a loud volume, i just observed them and really i promised to myself not to comeback anymore on that place and the worst thing at all is that when i received my pizza it is not the standard pizza that i keep on ordering and expect the toppings are just in the center and not being scattered ...what i think is that you need to give lesson on this staff and what i know is that the shift in charge is Imran ....i am just concerned that is why i am bringing you up this issue...i love dominos but on what happen i will not come back anymore...

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You totally shouldn't order from there again.I don't know what the so-called problem was exactly as far as you see it, but I can tell you that the real problem is that it was DOMINOS!!

Perhaps Kuwait's version of dominos is better than ours (doubt it).

Ours sucks a** (just my opinion but I am kind of known for being right most of the time haha!) so it's hard to believe that any foreign version would be better.The only foreign version of dominos that might work is a franchise on the moon...that way no one would have to eat there.

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