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I had called 3 separate times to be on hold. Finally got the manager to start my order to be put on hold without even knowing.

After 3 minutes he came back on the phone, I've ask to speak to the manager, he stated yes? Not very professional on answering back leaving my question not to be answered. I finally ask are your the manager he said yes. Once again that's very unprofessional coming from a manager.

I told him what's the problem? You put me on 3 different times on 3 different phone calls and then this last phone call you didn't even tell me your putting me on hold during my order? He said were busy and i don't have to order from here, basically stating " I can take my money somewhere else". I ask for his managers name and if i can talk or leave a message.

The manager stated i can go online and get his number.

I think its very rude how the store manager handled the issue and felt like if he talked to me this way and ran me off, how many customers he did this to? I will take my business to another pizza place and share my experience on yelp,Facebook and Google.

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Get over yourself. Its pizza.

If your child loves it so much order online. You wont have to talk to anyone.

You're not the only customer. #entitledcustomer


Go *** your self. The way he handled the situation was very poorly and I asked what's wrong for putting me on hold during my odrer when I was talking to cut me off without him saying, he just put me on hold and your.

My son loves the pizza at spot but you must be a *** loser who doesn't have a kid or doesn't understand. notgivingit


so the guy answered your question yet you found that rude because he didn't bow down and "say why yes i am the manager how may i help you today?" jeez get over yourself. you admit yourself you asked "what's the problem?" saying that in that fashion immediately puts most people into defense mode so no wonder he told you that they were busy and that yyou could go elsewhere.


So you're mainly upset because you didn't understand when he confirmed he was the manager?


I know a guy who quit drinking because of Taco Bell. It was his habit to visit the drive through after the bars closed.

One day while marginally sober, he visited Taco Bell for lunch and got a clear, daylight look at what he had been eating. "If I thought this was good food while drunk, what else am I unwittingly doing to myself ?" He swore off drinking that day and, as far as I know, never started again ....

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