So I'm 8 months pregnant, hungry.and lazy so I order dominos pizza to be delivered which is literally at the end of my block on beechnut in the southwest part of houston. Pay online as normal & the driver says that they don't deliver to apartments I had to go to the front to get the pizza.

What's the point of a delivery charge and tip if I still have to drive to pick it up? definitely sticking to pizza hut or papa johns.

Another incident before they made that *** policy they took over an hour to deliver and when I called they never even answered their phone! Instead of focusing on the taste and product maybe they should focus on the customer service being provided.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #692675

You cant be out of the area if the dominos is at the end of the block. The people here are clearly ignorant and have no respect for others.

Delivery guys carry less than $20, so if they got jacked thats there fault learn to fight of defend yourself. Peace out suckas


Drivers go anywhere you least expect to have deliver. Your either to far away, out of the inbound area, or its not safe for the driver to deliver. Your lazy fat *** shouldn't even be eating fast food pizza at 8 months :eek


If they dont deliver to you, then it is either to far from the store to get there in time, or you live in some ghetto apartments that they dont feel safe going to. Those are the only 2 reasons a Domino's would not deliver. Perhaps a few drivers have been robbed there?


I work at a pizza parlor, if they don't answer the phone, their extremely busy , over an hour on delivery wasn't based on them being retarded but because they were busy , be considerate. There's over thousands of people craving pizza rather then you. Jus saying :)

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