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STORE #6634 employees told me that they are not required to wear gloves as they were preparing orders and walking around talking with dough in their hands! I think that is disgusting!

I don't care how much heat those ovens produce, this is gross! I think that you have to wear gloves when working with food. Does that mean the same person touch uncooked food and the cooked food...that is cross-contamination.

Do all Domino's do this or just STORE#6634, on South Gessner Rd, in Houston, TX. I have never seen this before in food service, that is why I must complain!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "food preparation" of dominos pizza sanitary conditions and associated monetary loss in the amount of $20. Dominos Pizza needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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I no longer eat Dominos for the same reason!Unclean!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dominos in Ny Lindenhurst don’t wear gloves either. I questioned it n was told they wash there hands often n no funny stuff is taking place with all the cameras watching them


No beard net?No gloves?What is Dominos thinking?


Why is this allowed in the food industry?If this was a mom and pop establishment, they would be shut down without question.


I watched Eureka Pizza employees making pizza without wearing gloves, then taking orders and money from customers then went right back to making the pizza. When i asked why they arent wearing gloves the employee simple said i dont know why we just dont. Well Im simple disgusted.


I made the same observation and got the same reply from the employee

This is absurd..


I watched a Domino employee in Oro Valley AZ prepare the pizza dough without gloves. I'm a nurse & was appalled they are allowed to do this.

He was spinning the dough around, it was falling on his forearms which where very hairy. I will never buy pizza from this company again.

I think the food handlers licensing department need to visit this stores & observe there practices & makes some changes. Discusting!


Me and my family got sore throats the next day after we ate there pizza. They don't wear gloves here in Canada either.

Delhi, Delhi, India #1325367

I have also seen today that person who was making dough not wearing any gloves. When I objected then he replied that he can't work wigh gloves.

Bronx, New York, United States #1316190

You all need to read your local heath codes before opening your *** mouths.

to Anonymous #1462887

No need to read if gloves suppose to be worn for sanitation


Hello. I walked into my local Dominos pizza down the street from my house in Queens, NYC, ands saw all the workers NOT using gloves.

This really set off a red flag in my mind, as they are not only touching food but seemingly everything (except money) in the store.

You are not alone.

Why, Dominos? Why?

Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames, United Kingdom #994064

I think it is most unhygeniec not wearing gloves


For your information any business that handles any type of food gets routine Health Inspections. If they don't make a certain score they are given a deadline to improve the conditions.

These inspections are done without letting the business know when they will occur. If the employees were supposed to be wearing gloves, I'm sure the situation would have been corrected because of the inspections. I'm sure if the employees were wearing gloves when handling the dough the dough would stick to the gloves. With bare hands they can put some shortening or oil on their hands or maybe flour.

Also the shredded cheese would stick to gloves horribly. Maybe you should get a life so you would have more important things to worry about. You think, you think, but that doesn't matter because you aren't a Health Inspector. Grow up!

For your information, you are on a general complaint site, not the site for Domino's.

to anonymous Cedar Grove, New Jersey, United States #1324740

Maybe YOU should get a life, as opposed to trolling complaint sites to complain about the complaints?


to anonymous Lagrange, Georgia, United States #1341236

I don't worry about it because I wouldn't eat that nasty *** pizzza anyway. Anyone touching food should wear gloves. You think

to Anonymous #1368755

ever consider how pizza is cooked? in an oven that's probably 500+ degrees?

that's why they don't wear gloves. and you'd be shocked how many people making YOUR food when you go out to eat don't wear gloves when they handle the food before they cook it. you just can't see it.

that doesn't mean it's unsanitary. it a lot of cases, gloves can actually be harmful.

to anonymous #1462889

Honey u need a life because u must work at Dominos as well as make pizza with your nasty hands that u probably picked your nose, pulled out your wedgie, didn’t wash your dirty hands after using the bathroom but went to toss pizza or stick your hands in the cheese

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