If the Mobile site had a desktop option, maybe I wouldn't be so upset. Too much info and steps are required just to look at the menu.

Then once you finally reach the menu, absolutely nothing is priced. They require you to blindly build a pizza without knowing any prices, which probably has over a thousand different possible combinations. Then you literally have to checkout before a price pops up.HORRIBLE!!

Which ultimately means u end up going back & rebuilding your pizza for over 20 min, in a attempt to get the price and pizza that u want.Oh and the app does the same exact thing. Absolutely ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

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this website is absolutely horrible. I have given up ordering from this place.


I can't find where my pizza goes after I build it. I am in Mexico trying to order a pizza. Going to give up.


They wont let you pay cash online if over 50 dollars what the *** up don't you like cash or are the employees untrustworthy.?


I was able to DRIVE to a local pizza place, order my pizza, wait for it & drive back home in less time than it would have taken *** around with their *** site!!


Their website is a crappy treasure hunt. Or like the d to a hamster cage.

You go round and round and they continually pop u into another screen.....still priceless. I'll go to Pizza Huts website and see if I have any better luck

Danville, Pennsylvania, United States #806342

They routinely tack on charges even to the carry out offers and don't itemize them on the final price screen. A $7 order escalates to $10 for no apparent reason.

Dominos is apparently shady as well as trash pizza. As if making fresh pizza was some horrifically expensive thing, too.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #765302

oh no the horror of having to pick what you want before finding out a price? have you ever looked at a real pizza places menu?

many charge different prices for different toppings which is why dominos does it this way if you were really taking 20minute to order a pizza there is something wrong with you it's so freaking simple you can get it done in less than 5 it should not take you so long to order. you choose what type of pizza, the sauce, the cheese then the toppings hit checkout and put your info in and you should have a price what's so hard about that ?

to notgivingit #976594

Now, now, don't be mean to *** people.

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