Orders BAD..my free pizza heavy cheese It was a thin pizza...NOT dried up burned cheese pizza. Italian sandwich cold and burned cheese and onion off the side.

I paid the delivery charge and got a bad pizza. I want the charge returned at current menu costs.

ALSO: this was my free pizza from 60 points. I was charged the delivery fee which I paid. Also tipped driver.

All needs to be accounted for. &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;1) pizza cost at regular price 2) Delivery fee 3) tip ......then there is the sandwich that had much of the cheese burned and onions burned into cheese off the side.

I order all the time from there. Soon to change my pizza chain. Why can't the cheese be hot and cheesy like your pictures on the website.

My last 5 pizza orders have been burned and dry. Luke talked with me at the Newark Ohio 21st st.

location. Manager to busy to come to phone....three times asked by Luke.

User's recommendation: Don't buy from Dominos Pizza. No way to be able to tell them prior to pay attention to the order. Don't burn cheese. Get to the house in time not arriving with cold pizza and sandwich.

Location: Hudson, Ohio

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